Feminist Legal Theory : An Anti-Essentialist Reader

Feminist Legal Theory : An Anti-Essentialist Reader

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Contributors: Patricia Hill Collins, Bonnie Thornton Dill, Angela P. Harris, Sylvia A. Law, Mari Matsuda, Martha Minow, Esther Ngan-Ling Chow, John Powell, Jenny Rivera, and Maxine Baca Zinn.

Full Description

Feminist Legal Theory is a groundbreaking collection of feminist work proceeding from the core assumption that the differences among women are essential to feminist analysis. Rather than presenting feminist legal theory sequentially, with "African American feminism" or "critical race feminism" added on at the end, the volume thoroughly integrates key readings from non-white, non-middle class, and non-mainstream writers throughout. The volume explores the intersections of race, class, and gender in such areas as theory, family, work and economic issues, and violence against women. Each section of the book begins with an introduction providing context and insights into how the particular pieces included challenge norms and create new paradigms. This vibrant, challenging collection of work by a broad range of authors represents the cutting edge of feminist theory in concrete applications essential to gender equality. Contributors include: Patricia Hill Collins, Bonnie Thornton Dill, Angela P. Harris, Sylvia A. Law, Mari Matsuda, Martha Minow, Esther Ngan-Ling Chow, john a. powell, Jenny Rivera, and Maxine Baca Zinn.

Table of Contents

Introduction                                       1  (4)
Michelle S. Jacobs
Introduction 5 (4)
Nancy E. Dowd
PART I Theories, Strategies, and Methodologies
Introduction 9 (5)
The Future of Feminist Legal Theory 14 (6)
Patricia A. Cain
Theorizing Difference from Multiracial 20 (6)
Maxine Baca Zinn
Bonnie Thornton Dill
Autonomy, Aspiration, and Accomplishment: 26 (8)
Some Steps and Barriers to Equality for Women
Patricia Smith
The Multiple Self: Exploring between and 34 (8)
beyond Modernity and Postmodernity
john a. powell
The Development of Feminist Consciousness 42 (7)
among Asian American Women
Esther Ngan-Ling Chow
At the Intersection of Gender and Sexual 49 (7)
Orientation: Toward Lesbian Jurisprudence
Mary Eaton
The LatIndia and Mestizajes: Of Cultures, 56 (7)
Conquests, and LatCritical Feminism
Berta Esperanza Hernandez-Truyol
White Privilege and Male Privilege: A 63 (10)
Personal Account of Coming to See
Correspondences through Work in Women's
Peggy McIntosh
Beside My Sister, Facing the Enemy: Legal 73 (5)
Theory Out of Coalition
Mari J. Matsuda
Feminist Methods in International Law 78 (8)
Hilary Charlesworth
Turning the Gaze Back on Itself: Comparative 86 (10)
Law, Feminist Legal Studies, and the
Postcolonial Project
Brenda Cossman
PART II Women's Work and Wealth
Introduction 93 (3)
Implementing Antiessentialism: How Gender 96 (14)
Wars Turn into Race and Class Conflict
Joan Williams
Spiritual and Menial Housework 110(12)
Dorothy E. Roberts
Toward a Global Critical Feminist Vision: 122(14)
Domestic Work and the Nanny Tax Debate
Taunya Lovell Banks
(Dis)Assembling Rights of Women Workers along 136(9)
the Global Assembly Line: Human Rights and
the Garment Industry
Laura Ho
Catherine Powell
Leti Volpp
Commercial Sex: Beyond Decriminalization 145(6)
Sylvia A. Law
Working without a Job: The Social Messages of 151(8)
the New Workfare
Matthew Diller
Equality, of the Right Sort 159(6)
Edward J. McCaffery
African-American Women and Economic Justice: 165(10)
A Preliminary Analysis of Wealth, Family, and
African-American Social Class
Patricia Hill Collins
How Should Human Rights and Development 175(18)
Respond to Cultural Legitimization of Gender
Hierarchy in Developing Countries?
Celestine I. Nyamu
PART III Women, Children, Well-Being, and the
Introduction 189(4)
Family, Feminism, and Race in America 193(7)
Maxine Baca Zinn
Cracking the Foundational Myths: 200(7)
Independence, Autonomy, and Self-Sufficiency
Martha Albertson Fineman
Children's Rights 207(6)
Barbara Bennett Woodhouse
Coercing Privacy 213(6)
Anita Allen
In Defense of Single-Parent Families 219(7)
Nancy E. Dowd
From Madonna to Proletariat: Constructing a 226(7)
New Ideology of Motherhood in Welfare
Tonya L. Brito
We Will Get What We Ask For: Why Legalizing 233(6)
Gay and Lesbian Marriage Will Not ``Dismantle
the Legal Structure of Gender in Every
Nancy D. Polikoff
``The Past Never Vanishes'': A Contextual 239(13)
Critique of the Existing Indian Family
Lorie M. Graham
Transracial and International Adoption: 252(8)
Mothers, Hierarchy, Race, and Feminist Legal
Twila L. Perry
Gender Matters: Implications for Clinical 260(6)
Research and Women's Health Care
Karen H. Rothenberg
The Fuzzy Logic of Race and Gender in the 266(5)
Mismeasure of Asian American Women's Health
Lisa C. Ikemoto
Representing Race: Unshackling Black 271(8)
Dorothy E. Roberts
Blaming Culture for Bad Behavior 279(6)
Leti Volpp
Bridges and Barricades: Rethinking Polemics 285(10)
and Intransigence in the Campaign against
Female Circumcision
L. Amede Obiora
PART IV Women and Violence: Individuals, the
State, and Other Actors
Introduction 291(4)
Gender, Violence, Race, and Criminal Justice 295(11)
Angela P. Harris
Multiple Masculinities: A New Vision for 306(10)
Same-Sex Harassment Law
Rachel L. Toker
``It's like Living in a Black Hole'': Women 316(10)
of Color and Solitary Confinement in the
Prison Industrial Complex
Cassandra Shaylor
The Shame of It: Gender-Based Terrorism in 326(13)
the Former Yugoslavia and the Failure of
International Human Rights Law to Comprehend
the Injuries
Amy E. Ray
Commercial Sex: Beyond Decriminalization 339(4)
Sylvia A. Law
Converging Stereotypes in Racialized Sexual 343(9)
Harassment: Where the Model Minority Meets
Suzie Wong
Sumi K. Cho
The Violence Against Women Act and the 352(8)
Construction of Multiple Consciousness in the
Civil Rights and Feminist Movements
Jenny Rivera
Cultural Evidence and Male Violence: Are 360(11)
Feminist and Multicultural Reformers on a
Collision Course in Criminal Courts?
Holly Maguigan
Ignoring the Sexualization of Race: 371(5)
Heteronormativity, Critical Race Theory, and
Anti-Racist Politics
Darren Lenard Hutchinson
Requiring Battered Women Die: Murder 376(7)
Liability for Mothers under Failure to
Protect Statutes
Michelle S. Jacobs
Between Vengeance and Forgiveness: Feminist 383(6)
Responses to Violent Injustice
Martha Minow
Enhancing Autonomy for Battered Women: 389(16)
Lessons from Navajo Peacemaking
Donna Coker
Permissions 405(6)
About the Contributors 411(4)
Index 415