Intersectionality : A Foundations and Frontiers Reader (1ST)


Intersectionality : A Foundations and Frontiers Reader (1ST)

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Full Description

Intersectionalityprimary-source driven exploration of intersectionality in sociology and related fields. The book maps the origins of the concept, particularly in Black feminist thought and sociology, opens the discourse to challenges and applications across disciplines and outside academia, and explores the leading edges of scholarship to reveal important new directions for inquiry and activism.Charting the development of intersectionality as an intellectual and political movement, Patrick R. Grzanka brings together in one text both foundational readings and emerging classics. Original material includes: Grzanka's nuanced introduction which provides broad context and poses guiding questions; thematic unit introductions; author biographies and suggestions for further reading to ground each excerpt; and a conclusion by Bonnie Thornton Dill reflecting on the past, present, and future of intersectionality. With its balanced mix of analytical, applied, and original content, Intersectionality is an essential component of any course on race, class, and gender, feminist theory, or social inequalities.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments                                    ix
Patrick R. Grzanka
Introduction: Intersectional Objectivity xi
Unit I: Law
Patrick R. Grzanka
Introduction: Systems of Oppression 1 (4)
Patricia Williams
1 Life is Complicated, and Other 5 (5)
Lisa Lowe
2 Immigrant Acts 10 (6)
Kimberl? Williams Crenshaw
3 The Structural and Political Dimensions 16 (6)
of Intersectional Oppression
Chandan Reddy
4 Diaspora, Asylum, and Family 22 (9)
Unit II: Epistemology
Patrick R. Grzanka
Introduction: Power/Knowledge/Position 31 (6)
Barbara Smith
5 Racism and Women's Studies 37 (4)
Donna Haraway
6 Situated Knowledges and the Persistence 41 (7)
of Vision
Patricia Hill Collins
7 The Trouble with Postmodernism 48 (7)
Philip Brian Harper
8 Felt Intuition 55 (6)
Roderick Ferguson
9 Queer of Color Critique and the Canon 61 (6)
Unit III: Identities
Patrick R. Grzanka
Introduction: The (Intersectional) Self and 67 (6)
Angela Y. Davis
10 Black Women and Welfare 73 (6)
Chandra Talpade Mohanty
11 The "Home" Question 79 (7)
Shuddhabrata Sengupta
12 Identity as a Weapon of Mass Destruction 86 (5)
Stephanie Shields
13 "It's Not Psychology": Gender, 91 (8)
Intersectionality, and Activist Science
Unit IV: Space, Place, Communities, And
Patrick R. Grzanka
Introduction: The Cartographic Imagination 99 (7)
Gloria Anzald?a
14 Feminist Architecture 106(4)
Charles I. Nero
15 Why Are the Gay Ghettoes White? 110(9)
Nan Alamilla Boyd
16 Sex and Tourism 119(6)
Mary Pattillo
17 Black on the Block 125(6)
Unit V: Culture And The Politics Of
Patrick R. Grzanka
Introduction: Media as Sites/Sights of 131(6)
bell hooks
18 Why Are You Laughing? 137(8)
Judith Butler
19 Ambivalent Drag 145(6)
Kara Keeling
20 Unconventional Subjects 151(7)
Rosalind Gill
21 The Sixpack as "High Art" 158(7)
Unit VI: Violence, Resistance, And Activism
Patrick R. Grzanka
Introduction: On Pragmatism 165(6)
Audre Lorde
22 Anger as a Response to Racism 171(4)
Marla H. Kohlman
23 The Demography of Sexual Harassment 175(8)
Patricia Ticineto Clough
Michelle Fine
24 Academia and Activism 183(7)
Rachel Luft
25 Social Movements in the Wake of Katrina 190(5)
Unit VII: Nations, Borders, And Migrations
Patrick R. Grzanka
Introduction: Transnational Interventions 195(5)
Chandra Talpade Mohanty
26 Feminism and Colonialism 200(7)
Kandice Chuh
27 Imagine Otherwise 207(6)
Siobhan B. Somerville
28 Thomas Jefferson's Desires 213(7)
Heather Hewett
29 Rosario's Lament: Mothering Across 220(7)
Unit VIII: Politics, Rights, And Justice
Patrick R. Grzanka
Introduction: Political Diffractions 227(5)
Lisa Duggan
30 The New Homonormativity 232(5)
Jodi Melamed
31 The Spirit of Neoliberalism 237(5)
Ruth Wilson Gilmore
32 A Mother's Plea for Help 242(6)
Beth Reingold
Adrienne R. Smith
33 Legislative Representation and Welfare 248(11)
Unit IX: Science, Technology, And Bodies
Patrick R. Grzanka
Introduction: Science and Technology 259(7)
Studies as Tools for Social Justice
Siobhan B. Somerville
34 Science, Race, and Sexuality 266(7)
Janet K. Shim
35 Race and Risk Across the Science-Lay 273(8)
Jessie Daniels
36 Cyberfeminisms: Race, Gender, and 281(5)
Khiara M. Bridges
37 Wily Patients and Welfare Queens 286(7)
Nancy J. Hirschmann
38 Disability Is the New Gender 293(8)
Unit X: Methods
Patrick R. Grzanka
Introduction: What Do We Do Now? 301(6)
Avtar Brah
Ann Phoenix
39 Occupy Intersectionality 307(7)
Lisa Bowleg
40 When Black + Woman + Lesbian does not = 314(8)
Black Lesbian Woman
Elizabeth R. Cole
41 Intersectional Psychology: (At Least) 322(9)
Three Questions
Jasbir K. Puar
42 From Intersections to Assemblages 331(10)
Bonnie Thornton Dill
Frontiers 341(4)
Index 345