Feminist Thought : A More Comprehensive Introduction (4TH)

Feminist Thought : A More Comprehensive Introduction (4TH)

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Full Description

Feminist Thought is a clear, comprehensive, and incisive introduction to the major traditions of feminist theory, from liberal feminism, radical feminism, and Marxist and socialist feminism to care-focused feminism, psychoanalytic feminism, women of color feminisms, and ecofeminism. The fourth edition has been thoroughly revised and expanded. The chapter on multiculturalism was renamed Women of Color Feminisms and significantly updated, revised, and expanded by Tina Fernandes Botts of the University of North Carolina, Charlotte. The revisions also include a new section on existentialism as it relates to postmodern feminism, and a new conclusion that contemplates third-wave feminism and the future directions of feminist theory. Learning tools such as the new end-of-chapter discussion questions, and the bibliography, organized by topics within chapters, make Feminist Thought an essential resource for students and thinkers who want to understand the theoretical origins and complexities of contemporary feminist debates.

Table of Contents

Preface                                            ix
Acknowledgments xi
Introduction: The Diversity of Feminist Thinking 1 (10)
1 Liberal Feminism 11 (39)
Conceptual Roots of Liberal Feminist Thought 11 (2)
and Action
Eighteenth-Century Thought: Equal Education 13 (3)
Nineteenth-Century Thought: Equal Liberty 16 (4)
Nineteenth-Century Action: The Suffrage 20 (3)
Twentieth-Century Action: Equal Rights 23 (4)
Twentieth-Century Thought: Sameness Versus 27 (7)
Contemporary Directions in Liberal Feminism 34 (3)
Critiques of Liberal Feminism 37 (8)
Conclusion 45 (4)
Questions for Discussion 49 (1)
2 Radical Feminism: Libertarian and Cultural 50 (43)
Libertarian and Cultural Views on the 53 (1)
Sex/Gender System
Some Libertarian Views on Gender 54 (3)
Some Cultural Views on Gender 57 (7)
Sexuality, Male Domination, and Female 64 (2)
The Pornography Debate 66 (5)
The Lesbianism Controversy 71 (2)
Reproduction, Men, and Women 73 (9)
Radical-Libertarian and Radical-Cultural 82 (7)
Views on Mothering
Critiques of Radical-Libertarian and 89 (2)
Radical-Cultural Feminism: Beyond Polarization
Conclusion 91 (1)
Questions for Discussion 91 (2)
3 Marxist and Socialist Feminism: Classical and 93 (33)
Some Marxist Concepts and Theories 94 (9)
Classical Marxist Feminism: General 103(4)
Contemporary Socialist Feminism: General 107(8)
Women's Labor Issues 115(8)
Critiques of Marxist and Socialist Feminism 123(1)
Conclusion 124(1)
Questions for Discussion 125(1)
4 Psychoanalytic and Care-Focused Feminism 126(47)
Psychoanalytic Feminism: Focus on Freud 127(4)
Feminist Critiques and Appropriations of Freud 131(12)
Psychoanalytic Feminism: Focus on Lacan 143(8)
Bridges Between Psychoanalytic and 151(1)
Care-Focused Feminists
The Roots of Care-Focused Feminism: Carol 152(11)
Gilligan and Nel Noddings
Maternal Ethics and the Ethics of Care 163(7)
Conclusion 170(1)
Questions for Discussion 171(2)
5 Existentialist and Postmodern Feminism 173(38)
Sartre's Being and Nothingness: A Backdrop to 174(5)
The Second Sex
Simone de Beauvoir's Existentialism for Women 179(9)
Critiques of Existentialist Feminism: A 188(3)
Communitarian Critique of Existentialist
Postmodern Feminism 191(1)
Postmodernism/Postmodern Feminism: Keynotes 192(12)
Critiques of Postmodern Feminism 204(4)
Conclusion 208(2)
Questions for Discussion 210(1)
6 Women of Color Feminisms 211(44)
From Multiculturalism to Intersectionality 212(4)
Women of Color Feminisms in the United States 216(15)
Women of Color Feminisms on the World Stage: 231(16)
Global, Postcolonial, and Transnational
Critiques of Women of Color Feminisms 247(3)
Conclusion 250(3)
Questions for Discussion 253(2)
7 Ecofeminism 255(38)
Some Roots of Ecofeminism 256(4)
Ecofeminism: New Philosophy or Ancient Wisdom? 260(1)
Tensions in Nature: Ecofeminist Thought 261(8)
Spiritual Ecofeminism 269(5)
Transformative Ecofeminism 274(4)
Global Ecofeminism 278(4)
Vegetarian Ecofeminism 282(3)
Critiques of Ecofeminism 285(6)
Conclusion 291(1)
Questions for Discussion 292(1)
Conclusion 293(6)
Notes 299(40)
Bibliography 339(72)
Index 411