Extinct Humans


Extinct Humans

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Full Description

Scientists have long envisioned the human "family tree" as a straight-line progression from the apelike australopithecines to the enigmatic Homo habilis to the famous Neanderthals, culminating in us, Homo sapiens. But this model is unlike the evolutionary patterns known for all other vertebrates--patterns that typically reveal multiple branchings and extinctions. In Extinct Humans, Ian Tattersall and Jeffrey Schwartz present convincing evidence that many distinct species of humans have existed during the history of the hominid family, often simultaneously. Furthermore, these species may have contributed to one another's extinction. Who were these different human species? Which are direct ancestors to us? And, the most profound question of all, why is there only a single human species alive on Earth now?

Table of Contents

Preface                                            8  (5)
The Path to Human Evolution 13 (30)
In the Beginning
In and Out of the Dark Ages
Putting Humans into Evolution and Fossils
into Human Evolution
The Evolutionary Synthesis: Exempting
Humans from Natural Selection
Defining Homo
Blumenbach's Legacy
Evolution Today 43 (12)
Early Bipeds: African Origins 55 (50)
Forever Australopithecus
The New Era
Not Another Australopith! And Another?
The Age of Discovery
The Making of the Hominid
Arboreal Bipeds?
Earlier Ancestors?
What to Do with Australopiths?
The Mysterious Homo habilis 105(20)
East Turkana
The Transvaal
Back to Olduvai
Unraveling Homo habilis
The Influence of Climate
Early Toolmakers
The Emergence of the Modern Body 125(22)
East Side Story
When East Meets Far East
Another East African Homo erectus?
A Glimpse at the Life History of the
Nariokotome Youth
Will the Real Homo erectus Please Stand Up?
Homo ergaster and Homo erectus: The Great 147(26)
Java Man
Peking Man
The Cave of Zhoukoudian
New Discoveries
Surprise Dates
Ngandong Revisited
The Invasion of Europe
Multiple Departures?
Neanderthals and Human Extinctions 173(50)
The Neanderthals
Neanderthal Anatomy
The Ice Age Environment in Europe and
Western Asia
Neanderthal Technology
Neanderthal Lifestyles
Neanderthal Economices
Neanderthal Burial and Symbolic Behaviors
Neanderthal Extinction
And Then there Was One 223(26)
Out of Africa
African Eve
The Levant
The First Modern Europeans
Becoming Human
Further Reading 249(3)
Index 252