Evil Necessity : Slavery and Political Culture in Antebellum Kentucky

Evil Necessity : Slavery and Political Culture in Antebellum Kentucky

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In Kentucky, the slavery debate raged for thirty years before the Civil War began. While whites in the lower South argued that slavery was good for master and slave, many white Kentuckians maintained that because of racial prejudice, public safety, and property rights, slavery was necessary but undeniably evil. Harold D. Tallant shows how this view bespoke a real ambivalence about the desirability of continuing slavery in Kentucky and permitted an active abolitionist movement in the state to exist alongside contented slaveholders. Though many Kentuckians were increasingly willing to defend slavery against northern opposition, they did not always see this defense as their first political priority. Tallant explores the way in which the disparity between Kentuckians' ideals and their actions helped make Kentucky a quintessential border state.

Table of Contents

Preface                                            xi
The Necessary Evil 1 (26)
The Colonizationist Imperative 27 (32)
The Dilemma of Conservative Reform 59 (32)
The Limits of Political Action 91 (24)
The Crisis at the Door 115(18)
The Crossroads 133(32)
The Quest for Righteousness 165(28)
The Relevance and Irrelevance of John G. Fee 193(28)
Notes 221(44)
Bibliography 265(26)
Index 291