From Fields of Fire and Glory : Letters of the Civil War

From Fields of Fire and Glory : Letters of the Civil War

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Full Description

This volume features 20 reproductions of actual handwritten letters from the Civil War conveying the personal drama behind the details of the battles, showing the triumphs, loneliness, fears, and struggles of ordinary American men and women during one of the most pivotal moments in the country's history. Accompanying text will place each letter in historical context and provide brief biographical information, when available, on the letter writer. The book is illustrated throughout with archival photographs including shots of Ft. Sumter, camp life, portraits of ordinary soldiers, and the actual battlefields. The book will guide the reader through the heady days of widespread enlistment; the long grim months in camps and on marches, the agonizing hours far from home and family; and ultimately to the decisive moment of the war's last bugle call - all the way allowing readers to grasp history as never before. From Fields of Fire and Glory is a great introduction to Civil War history and its interactive format makes this a fascinating experience for both young and old.

Table of Contents

Introduction                                       5 (6)
``I Was Sworn into the Service'' 6 (4)
``We Found Him in the Uniform of Unkle Sams'' 10(2)
``Perhaps You Would Like to Know How We Spend 12(2)
Our Time''
``I Am Highly Delighted with My Life as a 14(3)
``At the Point of the Bayonet'' 17(3)
``Four Has the Measles, One the Typhoid 20(2)
``So Young, So Brave'' 22(2)
``I Am a Good Judge of the Fair Sex'' 24(2)
``Four Surgeons Were Busy All Day'' 26(2)
``I Am Lying Mortally Wounded'' 28(4)
``A Word From Your Dying Son'' 32(4)
``I Know What It Is To Be a Prisoner'' 36(2)
``Rallying with the Hearts of Lions'' 38(4)
``I Have Applied for Command of a Boat's 42(4)
``O How I Would Like to See Them'' 46(2)
``Unprincipled Men Were Turned Loose on the 48(3)
``We Have Prayer Meetings Every Night'' 51(4)
``Pa Died Very Easy'' 55(1)
``I Can See for Myself What This Army Is For'' 56(3)
``My Friend the Enemy'' 59(2)
Acknowledgments 61(1)
Endnotes 62(2)
Image Credits 64