Saffron Shores : Jewish Cooking of the Southern Mediterranean

Saffron Shores : Jewish Cooking of the Southern Mediterranean

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Celebrated chef and author Joyce Goldstein continues her exploration of the food and flavours of Jewish cooking of the Mediterranean. As she traces the culinary trail of the diaspora (the migration of Jews throughout Europe and Arab countries), Joyce turns an affectionate gaze to the spice-infused dishes of the Maghrebi - the people of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya. From traditional omelettes laced with the homemade spice mixtures of harissa or ras al hanout to B'Stilla - classic chicken and almond pies-the Sephardic people freely exchanged recipes and ingredients with their non-Jewish friends and neighbours. These dishes were not only rich with the flavours of their new home, but also conformed to kosher law. Thus the daily meals for North African Jews might offer delightful dishes of Ojja bil Merguez (a Tunisian omelet of sausage, potatoes and peppers), or Mrouzia (Lamb tagine with prunces and honey), illustrating a perfect balance of cultures, bite after spicy bite. Sephardic cuisine defies narrow definition, so Joyce has included Judeo/Arabic recipes from Lebanon and Syria - treats like buttery Sambusaks (cheese-filled pastries from Syria) and Samak al Camoun (Lebanese broiled fish seasoned with cumin) - specialties that continue to influence the Maghrebi palate. This wonderful cookbook is also beautifully illustrated with rich colour photographs of the recipes - many served on traditional Moroccan pottery. An extensive bibliography is a tempting incentive to learn more about the rich culinary history of this fascinating region and the people who live there. No one knows more about the Jewish food of Northern Africa than Joyce Goldstein.

Table of Contents

Introduction                                       7  (1)
Jews in Muslim Lands 8 (9)
The Recipes: Signature Flavors of 17 (3)
Judeo-Maghrebi and Judeo-Arabic Cuisine
The Kosher Laws 20 (4)
The Jewish Holidays and Holiday Menus 24 (12)
Appetizers, Egg Dishes, and Condiments 36 (16)
Savory Pastries 52 (16)
Vegetables, Salads, And Grains 68 (18)
Soups 86 (14)
Fish 100(20)
Poultry 120(14)
Meats 134(24)
Sweets 158(20)
Bibliography 178(2)
Index 180(10)
Table of Equivalents 190(1)
Acknowledgments 191