Prehistoric Art : The Symbolic Journey of Humankind

Prehistoric Art : The Symbolic Journey of Humankind

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While some prehistoric sites - notably the painted caves at Lascaux in France and at Altamira in northern Spain - are familiar, many more such places are almost unknown. In fact, remains left by prehistoric men and women are far more numerous and have been found over a much greater territory - including Eurasia, Africa, Australia and the Americas - than most people are aware. These remains include paintings and engravings in caves and rock shelters, but also decorated tools, weapons, statuettes, personal ornaments and even musical instruments made of stone, ivory, antler, shell, bone and fired clay. In "Prehistoric Art", anthropologist Randall White presents a global survey, starting with the first explosion of imagery that occurred approximately 40,000 years ago but also including the creations of essentially "prehistoric" peoples living as recently as the early 20th century. Drawing on up-to-date research, White places these discoveries in context and discusses possible uses and meanings for the objects and images.

Table of Contents

    Introduction                                   7  (12)
Art, Culture, and the Issue of Context 19 (20)
Painted Caves, African Women, Cro-Magnons, 39 (22)
and the Scientific Imagination: The Study
of Prehistoric Art from 1575 to 2000
Prehistoric Representation in Western 61 (66)
Europe: What Was Done, and When?
Prehistoric Representation in Central and 127(23)
Eastern Europe and Siberia
Prehistoric Representation in Africa, the 150(25)
Near East, and Anatolia
Prehistoric Representation in South Asia, 175(19)
Australasia, and Australia
Prehistoric Representation in the Americas 194(25)
Prehistoric Art Studies: A Challenging 219(3)
Notes 222(4)
Glossary 226(6)
Bibliography 232(1)
Index 233(5)
Illustration credits 238(1)
Acknowledgments 239