Children with Special Needs : Lessons for Early Childhood Professionals (Early Childhood Education, 82)

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Children with Special Needs : Lessons for Early Childhood Professionals (Early Childhood Education, 82)

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Full Description

Bridging the gap between child development and strategies for inclusion, this volume is designed to help early childhood practitioners and pre-service teachers feel better equipped to meet the needs of all the children in their early childhood setting. Each chapter introduces a child (ages from birth to eight years of age) with one or more special need, including autism, cerebral palsy, Turner Syndrome, ADHD, emotional/behavioural disorders, IDEA, apraxia, Down Syndrome, giftedness, and juvenile diabetes. Advocating a holistic view of working with children, each profile includes: a description of the child; an interview with a family member or early childhood professional describing essential facts and historical incidents in the child's life; an epilogue updating the status of the child; information for educators about the special need covered in the profile; hints for success - teaching strategies for working with children in inclusive classrooms; discussion questions for the classroom; resources for parents and teachers; and an appendix with guidelines for an IEP (Individualized Education Program).

Table of Contents

Preface                                            ix
Starting the Conversation: Working with 1 (14)
Children Who Have Special Needs
Using Labels to Describe Children Who Have 3 (1)
Special Needs
Learning About Children with Special Needs 4 (4)
Building Partnerships in the Education 8 (2)
Your Roles in the Lives of Young Children 10 (5)
with Special Needs
Andrew: Absorbed with the Particulars 15 (17)
Andrew's Mother Tells His Story 16 (11)
Information for Educators About Autism 27 (1)
Hints for Success 28 (1)
Questions for Discussion 29 (1)
Resources for Educators and Parents 30 (2)
Rosie: The Girl with the Million-Dollar Smile 32 (17)
Her Teacher Tells Rosie's Story 33 (12)
Information for Educators About Cerebral 45 (1)
Hints for Success 46 (1)
Questions for Discussion 47 (1)
Resources for Educators and Parents 48 (1)
Sara: ``A Person's a Person, No Matter How 49 (16)
Sara's Mother Begins the Story 50 (4)
Her Teacher Tells About Sara's Progress 54 (1)
Sara's Mother Continues the Story 55 (4)
Information for Educators About Turner 59 (2)
Hints for Success 61 (1)
Questions for Discussion 62 (1)
Resources for Educators and Parents 62 (3)
Marcus: Gifted and Challenging 65 (17)
Marcus's Mother Tells His Story 65 (8)
Information for Educators About Giftedness, 73 (3)
Fine-Motor-Skill Development, and ADHD
Hints for Success 76 (3)
Questions for Discussion 79 (1)
Resources for Educators and Parents 79 (3)
Irina: Learning to Have a Good Day 82 (18)
Her Teacher Tells Irina's Story 83 (11)
Information for Educators About 94 (2)
Emotional/Behavioral Disorders
Hints for Success 96 (2)
Questions for Discussion 98 (1)
Resources for Educators and Parents 98 (2)
Sam: A Complex Child 100(20)
Sam's Mother Begins His Story 101(6)
Sam's Kindergarten Teacher Tells About His 107(7)
Sam's Mother Continues the Story 114(1)
Information for Educators About the ``Other 115(2)
Health Impairments'' Category of IDEA
Hints for Success 117(1)
Questions for Discussion 118(1)
Resources for Educators and Parents 118(2)
Brian: ``Just Bursting to Communicate'' 120(16)
His Teacher Tells About Brian and Herself 121(11)
Information for Educators About Apraxia 132(1)
Hints for Success 133(1)
Questions for Discussion 134(1)
Resources for Educators and Parents 135(1)
Daniel: Supported by a Team 136(19)
His Teacher Tells Daniel's Story 136(13)
Information for Educators About Down 149(2)
Syndrome and Juvenile Diabetes
Hints for Success 151(1)
Questions for Discussion 151(1)
Resources for Educators and Parents 152(3)
Katherine Mary: The Once-Upon-a-Time Girl 155(19)
Her Mother Tells Katherine Mary's Story 156(9)
Her Sister Talks About Growing Up with 165(2)
Katherine Mary
Katherine Mary's Mother Continues the Story 167(2)
Information for Educators About 169(2)
Disability-Rights Laws
Hints for Success 171(1)
Questions for Discussion 172(1)
Resources for Educators and Parents 172(2)
Concluding Our Conversation: Reflections 174(9)
Your Roles in Serving Children with Special 174(1)
Examining the Affective Side of Serving 175(1)
Children with Special Needs
Focusing on Developmentally Appropriate 175(2)
Finding Common Threads 177(1)
Applying What You Have Learned: The Story 177(4)
of Amanda
Discussing What You Have Learned 181(1)
Final Thoughts 181(2)
Appendix A. Individual Education Program Process 183(4)
Appendix B. Contents of an Individual Education 187(2)
Program for Young Children
Index 189(6)
About the Authors 195