Mara's Stories : Glimmers in the Darkness

Mara's Stories : Glimmers in the Darkness

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  • 製本 Hardcover:ハードカバー版/ページ数 149 p.
  • 言語 ENG,ENG
  • 商品コード 9780805067941
  • DDC分類 [Fic]

Full Description

A testament to the power of stories, and how they may bring hope even in times of darkness. ""Everyone gathers around, and from her lips to their ears the stories go, and for a little while the camp disappears, and for a little while they are all free."" As night falls, the women gather their children to listen to Mara tell her stories. They are stories of light and hope and freedom, stories of despair and stories of miracles, stories of expected pain and stories of unexpected joy--all told in the darkness of the concentration camp barracks. Through extensive research noted in the back of the book, Gary Schmidt has skillfully woven together stories from such sources as the Jewish religious scholar, Martin Buber, Holocaust survivor, Elie Wiesel; and folklorists, Steve Zeitlin and Yaffa Eliach. Combining lore of the past with tales born in the concentration camps, Mara's stories speak to us from a time that must never be forgotten.NER(01): AU US

Table of Contents

Author's Note                                      1  (2)
Stories in the Darkness 3 (12)
The Violinist and the Master 8 (7)
Fear and Faith in a Bloodied Earth 15 (12)
The Dark of the Earth 17 (3)
A Globe 20 (3)
The Spilled Soup 23 (4)
Voices Rising like Light 27 (24)
The Reply 29 (4)
The Pretzel Bakers 33 (3)
A Calf Is a Calf 36 (10)
The Unexpected Treasure 46 (5)
Living and Dancing 51 (12)
The Dance 54 (3)
From the Stones 57 (6)
Questions Angels Fear to Ask 63 (24)
The Three Men 65 (6)
Which Shoebox? 71 (3)
Shards 74 (4)
God in Court 78 (5)
The Tsaddik, One Righteous Soul 83 (4)
A Bleak Hope 87 (14)
The ``Good Morning'' 89 (5)
The Wonder 94 (4)
The Rod 98 (3)
Miracles Covered with Ashes 101(16)
Keep Tight Hold 103(5)
The Miracle 108(3)
The Promise of the Talis Koten 111(6)
``Make Yourselves Ready'' 117(6)
Remember! 119(4)
Notes to the Stories 123