Civil War High Commands


Civil War High Commands

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Full Description

Based on nearly five decades of research, this magisterial work is a biographical register and analysis of the people who most directly influenced the course of the Civil War, its high commanders. Numbering 3,396, they include the presidents and their cabinet members, state governors, general officers of the Union and Confederate armies (regular, provisional, volunteers, and militia), and admirals and commodores of the two navies. Civil War High Commands will become a cornerstone reference work on these personalities and the meaning of their commands, and on the Civil War itself. Errors of fact and interpretation concerning the high commanders are legion in the Civil War literature, in reference works as well as in narrative accounts. The present work brings together for the first time in one volume the most reliable facts available, drawn from more than 1,000 sources and including the most recent research. The biographical entries include complete names, birthplaces, important relatives, education, vocations, publications, military grades, wartime assignments, wounds, captures, exchanges, paroles, honors, and place of death and interment. In addition to its main component, the biographies, the volume also includes a number of essays, tables, and synopses designed to clarify previously obscure matters such as the definition of grades and ranks; the difference between commissions in regular, provisional, volunteer, and militia services; the chronology of military laws and executive decisions before, during, and after the war; and the geographical breakdown of command structures. The book is illustrated with 84 new diagrams of all the insignias used throughout the war and with 129 portraits of the most important high commanders.

Table of Contents

Foreword                                           xi
John Y. Simon
Preface xv
Abbreviations, Acronyms, Symbols, and Military xxiii
United States Geopolitical Units during the 3 (4)
Civil War Era
Principal Executives of the United States 7 (1)
Government during the Civil War Era
Principal Executives of the Confederate 8 (1)
States Government during the Civil War Era
Governors of the States and Territories 9 (3)
during the Civil War Era
High Commanders in the Congress of the United 12 (3)
States of America
Military Laws and Regulations of the United 15 (7)
States Pertaining to High Commanders
High Commanders in the Congress of the 22 (1)
Confederate States of America
Excerpts from the Legislative History of the 23 (6)
Confederate States of America Pertaining to
High Commanders
United States Army History and Wartime 29 (8)
Organization and Principal Officers of the 37 (29)
United States Army during the Civil War Era
Confederate States Army 66 (3)
Army of the Confederate States of America, 69 (4)
Staff Bureaus, Departments, Special Services,
and Offices
United States Navy 73 (6)
Principal Officers of the United States Navy 79 (4)
Bureaus, Staff Corps, Offices, Commissions,
and the Academy during the Civil War Era
Confederate States Navy 83 (3)
Navy of the Confederate States of America, 86 (2)
Bureaus, Offices, Corps, Schools, and Agents
Official Honors Made to Men Who Were Generals 88 (4)
or Flag Officers during the Civil War Era
High Commanders in Veterans' Organizations 92 (5)
High Commanders 97 (490)
``Might-Have-Beens'' 587 (29)
Directory of High Commanders' Birthplaces 616 (44)
Directory of High Commanders' Places of 660 (41)
United States Army General Officers Active 701 (61)
during the Civil War Era
Union Militia General Officers 762 (6)
United States Navy Flag Grades 768 (4)
Rank in the United States Army and United 772 (12)
States Volunteers (Line Command List)
Rank in the United States Navy (Line Command 784 (3)
Confederate States Army General Officers and 787 (14)
Navy Flag Officers Active during the Civil
War Era
Confederate States Army Militia General 801 (6)
Rank in the Confederate States Army and Navy 807 (12)
(Line Command List)
United States Army Military Divisions, 819 (36)
Departments, and Districts
United States Armies and Army Corps 855 (2)
United States Grand Divisions and Army Corps 857 (7)
United States Navy Squadrons or Flotillas and 864 (2)
Their Commanders
Confederate States Principal Geographical 866 (20)
Confederate States Principal Armies and Army 886 (7)
Confederate States Principal Navy Squadrons 893 (2)
and Their Commanders
Alphabetical Index to the Chronology of Some 918 (15)
Important Civil War Dates
Short Title Bibliography 933 (10)
Bibliography 943 (26)
Name Index 969