N.K.デンツィン著/アメリカ映画における人種の表象<br>Reading Race : Hollywood and the Cinema of Racial Violence (Theory, Culture & Society)

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Reading Race : Hollywood and the Cinema of Racial Violence (Theory, Culture & Society)

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"Theory, Culture and Society"

Full Description

In this insightful book, one of America's leading commentators on culture and society turns his gaze upon cinematic race relations, examining the relationship between film, race and culture. Norman K Denzin argues that the cinema, like society, treats all persons as equal but struggles to define and implement diversity, pluralism and multiculturalism. He goes on to argue that the cinema needs to honour racial and ethnic differences, in defining race in terms of both an opposition to, and acceptance of, the media's interpretations and representations of the American racial order.Acute, richly illustrated and timely, the book deepens our understanding of the politics of race and the symbolic complexity of segregation and discrimination.


PART ONEIntroductionPART ONE: READING RACEThe Cinematic Racial OrderPART TWO: RACIAL ALLEGORIES: THE WHITE HOODA Grand CanyonRace, Women and Violence in the HoodLethal Weapons in the HoodPART THREE: RACIAL ALLEGORIES: THE BLACK AND BROWN HOODBoyz N Girlz in the HoodZoot Suits and Homeboys (and Girls)Spike's PlacePART FOUR: A NEW RACIAL AESTHETICScreening Race