Sensory Integration : Theory and Practice (2 SUB)

Sensory Integration : Theory and Practice (2 SUB)

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Renowned scholars and practitioners in this field explore the theory, assessment, intervention, and research related to sensory integrative dysfunction.


Part 11. Sensory Integration: A. Jean Ayres' Theory Revisited2. Structure and Function of the Sensory Systems3. Disorders of Praxis4. Sensory Modulation5. Visual-Spatial Abilities6. Central Auditory Processing DisordersPart 2: Assessment and Intervention7. Assessing Sensory Integrative Dysfunction8. Interpreting Test Scores and Observations: A Case Example9. The Process of Planning and Implementing Intervention10. Play Theory and Sensory Integration11. Orchestrating Intervention: The Art of Practice12. Creating Direct Intervention from Theory13. Using Sensory Integration Theory in Schools: Sensory Integration and Consultation14. Alternative and Complementary Programs for Intervention15. Integrating Sensory Integration with Other Approaches to InterventionPart 3: Focus on Research and Occupation16. Advances in Sensory Integration Research17. Sensory Integration and OccupationAppendix A: Use of Clinical Reasoning in Occupational Therapy: The STEP-SI Model of Intervention of Sensory Modulation DysfunctionAppendix B: Sensory Integration and Praxis TestsGlossary