5 Women of the English Reformation

5 Women of the English Reformation

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Full Description

Books on the history of the Reformation are filled with the heroic struggles and sacrifices of men. But this compelling volume puts the spotlight on five strong and intellectually gifted women who, because of their absolute and unconditional commitment to the advancement of Protestant Christianity, paid the cost of their reforming convictions with martyrdom, imprisonment, and exile.Paul Zahl vividly tells the stories of five mothers of the English Reformation -- Anne Boleyn, Katharine Parr, Jane Grey, Anne Askew, and Catherine Willoughby -- underscoring their lives as powerful theologians intensely interested in the religious concerns of their day. He also considers what the stories of these women have to say about the relation of gender to theology, human motivation, and God. An important epilogue by Mary Zahl contributes a contemporary woman's view of these fascinating historical figures.

Table of Contents

Introduction                                       1  (9)
Anne Boleyn (1507-1536) 10 (17)
Anne Askew (c. 1521-1546) 27 (14)
Katharine Parr (1514-1548) 41 (15)
Jane Grey (1537-1554) 56 (19)
Catherine Willoughby (1520-1580) 75 (17)
Conclusion 92 (6)
Epilogue 98 (21)
Mary Zahl
A. Letter of Thomas Cranmer to Henry VIII, 101(2)
May 3, 1536
B. From the Examinations of Anne Askew, 103(3)
March 1545
C. From Lamentation of a Sinner (1547) 106(3)
Katharine Parr
D. The Examination of Lady Jane Grey, 109(5)
February 10, 1554
E. Two Letters of Catherine Willoughby 114(4)
F. Select Family Tree 118(1)
Reading List 119