The Essence of Christianity (Italian Texts and Studies on Religion and Society)

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The Essence of Christianity (Italian Texts and Studies on Religion and Society)

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Full Description

Postmodern thought has attempted to strip many traditional values and beliefs of their power, and the Christian faith is no exception. In this spiritually and intellectually wise book Bruno Forte upholds the "essence" -- the heart and meaning -- of Christianity despite the claims of the contemporary world. In the tradition of thinkers like Feuerbach, Harnack, and Guardini, Forte restates what is unique, reliable, and universal about Christianity for our current age. After outlining in broad terms the nature of postmodernity and its challenges to traditional faith, Forte proceeds, with the voice of one intimately in love with God, to present anew what lies at the heart of genuine Christianity and why it is still good news for women and men today. Among the many books on postmodernism, this one is distinct for its conscientious dialogue with postmodern culture and its clear proclamation of meaningful faith. It will interest everyone pondering the role of Christianity in contemporary life.Series: Italian Texts and Studies on Religion and Society Series Editors: Edmondo Lupieri (general editor) This new series seeks to introduce readers in the English-speaking world to people and events in Italian socio-religious history that have been pivotal to the formation and growth of Western civilization. ITSORS volumes include classical source texts never before available in English and fresh studies representing the best of contemporary Italian scholarship. Titles in this Series: The Essence of Christianity The Mandaeans: The Last Gnostics The Travels of Friar Odoric: A 14th-Century Journal of the Blessed Odoric of Pordenone

Table of Contents

Foreword                                           viii
Geoffrey Wainwright
Preface xiii
Where Are We? Who Are We? 1 (24)
Landscape of Our Times 2 (6)
Modernity's Dream --- and the ``Murder 2 (2)
of the Father''
A Society without Fathers and the 4 (4)
``Short Century''
Landscape of Our Hearts 8 (5)
``Impelled towards Death'', or Open to 8 (3)
Rejecting --- and Expecting --- the 11 (2)
When Religions Meet 13 (12)
Judaism and Christianity 13 (4)
Christianity and Islam 17 (3)
Christianity and the Other World 20 (5)
The Essence of Christianity 25 (40)
The Exodus of Jesus from the Father 26 (5)
The Word Comes from Silence 26 (3)
The Interplay between Revelation and 29 (2)
Listening to the Totally Other
Jesus' Exodus from Himself 31 (8)
Jesus' Story as a Story of Freedom 31 (4)
The Cross as the Story of the Trinity 35 (4)
Jesus' Exodus to the Father 39 (6)
Experiencing Easter 39 (2)
From Faith Narrated to Faith Defined 41 (4)
God, the Father, Is Love 45 (6)
The Humility of the Living God 46 (2)
God, Who Is Love 48 (3)
The Spirit of Life 51 (6)
The Spirit, Bond of Divine Love 51 (2)
The Spirit: ``Ecstasy'' of God 53 (4)
Trinity --- Eternal Story of Love 57 (8)
Lover, Beloved, and Love 57 (3)
The Unity of the Living God 60 (5)
Living in Christ and the Church 65 (30)
The Threefold Exodus of the Disciple 66 (8)
Disciples of the Only One: Giving Faith 66 (2)
First Place
Servants out of Love, Charity Their Mark 68 (3)
Witnesses to Meaning: Reasons for Hope 71 (3)
Believing and Not Believing 74 (6)
The Atheism of the Believer 74 (2)
Faith: Struggle, Scandal, Submission 76 (4)
The Church of Love 80 (7)
Needing the Church 81 (2)
The Spirit: Creating Communion in Space 83 (4)
and Time
Faith and History 87 (8)
The Trinity and the Human Community 87 (2)
Witnesses of the Trinity at the Service 89 (6)
of Reconciliation
Towards the Beauty of God 95 (16)
The Beautiful Woman 96 (7)
Mary, Woman, Icon of Mystery 97 (2)
The All in a Fragment of History 99 (4)
Mortal, Saving Beauty 103 (8)
Beauty: Splendid Generosity 103 (3)
Beauty That Will Save the World 106 (5)
APPENDIX: What ``Essence of Christianity''? 111 (18)
Feuerbach's ``Unhappy Love'' 112 (6)
Harnack's ``Tranquil Love'' 118 (6)
Guardini's ``Paradoxical Love'' 124 (5)
The Truth of ``Crucified Love'' 129