Defamiliarizing the Aboriginal : Cultural Practices and Decolonization in Canada

Defamiliarizing the Aboriginal : Cultural Practices and Decolonization in Canada

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From the Canadian Indian Act to Freud's Totem and Taboo to films such as Nanook of the North, all manner of cultural artefacts have been used to create a distinction between savagery and civilization. In Defamiliarizing the Aboriginal, Julia V. Emberley examines the historical production of aboriginality in colonial cultural practices and its impact on the everyday lives of indigenous women, youth, and children. Adopting a materialist-semiotic approach, Emberley explores the ways in which representational technologies - film, photography, and print culture, including legal documents and literature - were crucial to British colonial practices. Many indigenous scholars, writers, and artists, however, have confounded these practices by deploying aboriginality as a complex and enabling sign of social, cultural, and political transformation. Emberley gives due attention to this important work, studying a wide range of topics such as race, place, and motherhood, primitivism and violence, and sexuality and global political kinships. Her multidisciplinary approach ensures that Defamiliarizing the Aboriginal will be of interest to scholars and students of cultural studies, indigenous studies, women's studies, postcolonial and colonial studies, literature, and film.

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations                              xi
Preface xiii
Introduction: Of Soft and Savage Bodies in the 3
Colonial Domestic Archive
1 An Origin Story of No Origins: Biopolitics 45
and Race in the Geographies of the Maternal Body
2 The Spatial Politics of Homosocial Colonial 70
Desire in Robert Flaherty's Nanook of the North
3 Originary Violence and the Spectre of the 91
Primordial Father: A Biotextual Reassemblage
Body, Interrupted 92
Part One: Promiscuity in the Germ Cell of 95
Part Two: Tarzan (and Jane); or, Savagery 116
(and Civilization)
Part Three: Entering the Image/Text/Commodity 122
4 Post/Colonial Masculinities: The Primitive 135
Duality of 'ma, ma, man' in Pat Barker's
Regeneration Trilogy
5 The Family in the Age of Mechanical 152
Reproduction: Aboriginality in the Photographic
6 Inuit Mother Disappeared: The Police in the 181
Archive, 1940-1949
7 The Possibility of Justice in the Child's 207
Body: Rudy Wiebe and Yvonne Johnson's Stolen
Life: The Journey of a Cree Woman
8 Genealogies of Difference: Revamping the 234
Empire? or, Queering Kinship in a Transnational
Decolonial Frame
Conclusion: De-signifying Kinship 260
Notes 265
Bibliography 285
Illustration Credits 303
Index 305