Allyn & Bacon Anthology of Traditional Literature for Children

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Allyn & Bacon Anthology of Traditional Literature for Children

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Instead of having your students buy individual author volumes (e.g. Grimm or Andersen folktales), your students will have access in one single volume to a variety of short pieces from different collections and authors. This scrupulously researched anthology of traditional literature is a useful tool for making stories from diverse cultures, sometimes difficult to find, accessible to both students and professors by giving the cultural contexts of international fables, folktales, myths, and legends.


*Asterisked items have full introduction in Anthology and stories on Web at Introduction. References.1. Fables. 1.1 Introduction.1.2 Aesop Fables.Introduction.The Ant and the Cricket [Aesop].The Bundle of Sticks [Aesop].The Fox and the Crow [Aesop].The Frogs Desiring a King [Aesop].The Jay and the Peacock [Aesop].*The Lion and the Mouse [Aesop].The Milkmaid and Her Pail [Aesop].*The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse [Aesop].*The Tree and the Reed [Aesop].*The Wind and the Sun [Aesop].1.3 African Fables.Introduction.All for Vanity [Kenya - Luo].The Goats Who Killed the Leopard [Ethiopia].Fire and Water, Truth and Falsehood [Ethiopia].The Magic Tree [Malawi].What Spider Learned from Frog [Ghana - Adengeme].Two Dilemma Tales:The Girl and the Python [Togo-Grushi].Mirror, Airplane, and Ivory Trumpet [Zaire-Nkundo].1.4 Indian Fables.The Panchatantra.Introduction.The Jackal and the War Drum*.Plan Ahead, Quick Thinker, Wait-and-See*.The Blue Jackal.The Mice That Set the Elephants Free How the Rabbit Fooled the Elephant.Jataka Tales.Introduction.The Banyan Deer.The Jackal and the Crow.The Merchant of Seri*.The Quarrel of the Quails.1.5 Fables from Other Traditions.The Grasshopper and the Ant [La Fontaine].My Own Self [England]*.The Nail [Germany].The Old Man and His Grandson [Germany].The Shoemaker and the Snake [Turkey].The Heron and the Hummingbird [Native American-Muskogee].1.6 Fables-References.2. Folktales. 2.1 Introduction.2.2 Cumulative tales.Introduction.The Cat and the Mouse [England].The Pancake [Sweden]*.The Carrot [Eastern Europe]*.Talk [Ghana - Ashanti].The Young Gentleman and the Tiger [Korea].2.3 Fairy Tales / Wonder Tales.Introduction.Africa.Kumba the Orphan Girl [Gambia - Wolof].Mshayandlela-The Striker of the Road [South Africa - Zulu].The Suitor [Malawi].Asia.The Faithful Prince [India - Punjab]*.Princess Pepperina [India - Punjab].Issun Boshi [Japan].The Old Man Who Made Flowers Bloom [Japan].The Mason Wins the Prize [China].The Two Stepdaughters [Turkey].The Stepdaughter and the Black Serpent [Turkey].Europe.The City of Luz [Eastern Europe-Jewish].The Goose Girl [Germany]*.Mother Holle [Germany].The Red Bull of Norroway [Scotland].Tattercoats [England].The Princess on the Glass Hill [Scandinavia]*.The Ship that Sailed on Land [France].Toads and Diamonds [France]*.The Sky-High Tree [Hungary].Twelve Months [Czech Republic].The Tale of Ivan Tsarevich, the Bird of Light, and the Grey Wolf [Russia]*.Vasilisa the Fair [Russia].North America.The Little Old Rusty Cook Stove in the Woods [Appalachian].La Estrellita [Little Star] [United States-Hispanic].2.4 Noodlehead Tales, Tall Tales, and Other Humorous Tales.Introduction.Africa.Goha and the King [Egypt].Gratitude [Nigeria - Nupe].How the Animals Kept the Lions Away [Algeria].The Storyteller [Ethiopia].The Talking Skull [Nigeria - Nupe].Asia.An Exaggeration [Japan].The Golden Fan and the Silver Fan [Japan].The Silence Match [Japan].The Tiger and the Persimmon [Korea].Europe.Get Up and Bar the Door [Scotland].Lazy Jack [England].*The Golden Arm [England].Teeny Tiny [England].The Wise Men of Gotham [England].Bastianelo and the Three Fools [Italy].*Hans in Luck [Germany].*North America.Paul Bunyan [United States].Wiley and the Hairy Man [United States - African American].*South and Central American and the Caribbean.Bye-Bye [Haiti].Juan Bobo [Puerto Rico].The Dance of the Animals [Puerto Rico].2.5 Trickster Tales.Introduction.Africa.The Fantastic Lying Contest [Ghana - Ashanti].How Chakide Rode the Lion [South Africa - Zulu].The Master Trickster [Nigeria - Hausa].The Peas Thief [Kenya - Giriama].Asia.The Rat and the Ox [China].The Clever Little Hedgehog [Mongolia].Three Tales of Mouse-Deer (Tale 3) [Indonesia].The Hoca and the Dessert [Turkey].Europe.The Clever Peasant Girl [Italy].The Three Aunts [Scandinavian].*How Till Owlyglass Caused an Innkeeper to Be Terrified by a Dead, Frozen Wolf [Germany].Reynard and the Wolf [France].North America.Jack and the Varmints [Appalachian].Brer Tiger and the Big Wind [African American].The Moon in the Pond [African American].The Signifying Monkey [African American, by Tony Bolden].Rabbit Escapes from the Wolves [Cherokee].Napi and the Mice [Blackfeet].A Satisfying Meal [Hopi].South and Central America and the Caribbean.Toad and Donkey [Jamaica].The King of the Leaves [Nicaragua].Coyote Rings the Wrong Bell [Mexico].2.6 Pourquoi or Why tales.Introduction.Africa.How Crab Got His Shell [Ghana, Northern].Why Bats Fly by Night and Birds by Day [South Africa - Zulu].Why Hens Scratch the Ground [South Africa - Zulu].Europe.The Ear of Corn [Germany].North America.The Birds and Animals Stickball Game [Cherokee].How the Possum Lost His Tail [Cherokee].First Man and First Woman [Cherokee].The Origin of Strawberries [Cherokee].How Turtle Got His Tail [Okanogan].*Why the Chicken Can't Fly [African American].South and Central America.Cat and Dog and the Return of the Dead [Haiti].Why Fowl Catch Cockroach [Antigua].Why the Fox Has a Huge Mouth [Peru].2.7 Folktales-References.3. Myths. 3.1 Introduction.3.2 Divine Beings and Their Realms.Africa.Isis and Osiris [Egypt].Asia.The Birth of Ganesha, the Elephant-Headed God [India].Europe.Minerva (Athena) [Greece].Thrym Steals Mjollnir [Norse].Death of Balder [Norse].3.3 Origin and Creation Myths.Africa.How the World Was Created from a Drop of Milk [Mali - Fulani].Asia.Why the Sun Rises When the Rooster Crows [China-Hani].The Great Deeds of King Yu [China - Han].Why the Sun Forsook the Tundra [Russian Federation - Koryak].Europe.Echo and Narcissus [Greece].*Demeter (Ceres) or the Origin of the Seasons [Greece].North America.Iroquois [Hodenosaunee] Creation Stories.The Creation or Age of Beginning [Navajo/Dine].*Ga-do-waas, His Star Belt, the Milky Way [Iroquois/Hodenosaunee].*The Hunting of the Great Bear [Iroquois/Hodenosaunee].3.4 Origins of the Animals, Humans, and the Human Condition.Africa.Death [Kenya - Luo].The Revolt Against God [Gabon - Fong].Europe.Prometheus [Greece].Orpheus [Greece].Cupid and Psyche [Greeco-Roman].*Icarus and Daedalus [Greece].*How Happiness Came [Russian Federation - Saami].North America.The Spirit Chief Names the Animal People [Okanogan].Coyote Fights Some Monsters [Okanogan].*The Theft of Fire [Hitchiti].South America.The Origin of the Caduveo [Brazil-Caduveo Indian].The Obtaining of Fire [Brazil-Ge Indian].Oceania.The Theft of Fire [Tonga].3.5 Myths-References.4. Legends, Hero Tales, and Epics. 4.1 Introduction.4.2 Hero Tales and Epics.Africa.Sundiata [Mali]: The Lion's Awakening. Asia.The Epic of Gilgamesh [Mesopotamia]: Gilgamesh.The Epic of Gilgamesh [Mesopotamia]: The Story of the Flood.The Ramayana [India]: The March to Lanka.Europe.The Odyssey [Greece].The Children of Lir [Ireland].Finn McCoul - The Chase of the Gilla Dacar [Ireland].*King Arthur - The Sword in the Stone - Great Britain.Gawain and the Lady Ragnell - Great Britain.Robin Hood.The Kalevala [Finland]: The Singing Contest (The Kalevala).4.3 Legends about People, Places, Animals, and Plants.Africa.The Golden Earth [Ethiopia].Sassabonsam's Match [Ghana - Sefwi].Asia.A Merry Prank of Pa-Leng-Ts'ang [Mongolia].Vasistha's Ardhangini [India].Europe.St. Bridget [Ireland].North America.The Legend of the Corn Beads [Cherokee].The Great Gambler [Navajo].*Legend of the Swift Wind (The Roadrunner) [Apache].A Woman's Fight [Crow].Seeds of Faith [New Mexico - Hispanic].4.4 Legends of the Supernatural.North America.La Llorona (The Weeping Woman) [Hispanic].Spearfinger [Cherokee].White House Ghosts.4.5 Legends-References.5. Classroom and Library Applications. 5.1 Resources of Activities Using Traditional Literature in the Classroom and Library.6. Web-Based Resources of Fables, Folktales, Myths, and Legends. Glossary. Index.