Genetics of Infectious Disease Susceptibility


Genetics of Infectious Disease Susceptibility

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Full Description

This book provides a comprehensive overview of host genetic factors that influence susceptibility to infectious diseases. It deals with the role of infections as evolutionary forces, methods of identifying susceptibility genes, the role of susceptibility genes in the pathogenesis of infectious disease, as well as with the application of this knowledge in public health policy, vaccine development, and animal breeding.

Table of Contents

Preface                                            5  (4)
Part I General principles and methods 9 (58)
What is the contribution of host genetics to 9 (14)
infectious disease?
Genetic diversity and infectious disease 23 (8)
Co-evolutionary forces and balanced 31 (12)
Mapping susceptibility loci 43 (14)
The use of animal models and comparative 57 (6)
How to identify relevant candidate genes? 63 (4)
Part II Genes and gene functions influencing 67 (72)
susceptibility to infectious disease
Genes involved in attachment and entry of 67 (12)
micro-organisms into the body
Genes involved in innate immunity 79 (14)
Genes involved in antigen processing and 93 (10)
Genes regulating immune and inflammatory 103(14)
Genes influencing lymphocyte function 117(8)
Genes involved in accessory effector cell 125(6)
Genes involved in tissue function and 131(2)
Infectious diseases, blood groups, and 133(6)
secretor status
Part III Genetics of specific infectious and 139(60)
multicausal diseases
Helicobacter pylori 139(6)
Tuberculosis 145(6)
Bacterial meningitis and sepsis 151(6)
Resistance to influenza virus 157(4)
Resistance to HIV/AIDS and other retroviruses 161(8)
Genetic factors influencing the outcome of 169(4)
viral hepatitis
Resistance to malaria 173(10)
Trypanotolerance 183(4)
Post infection complications: the examples of 187(4)
reactive arthritis and Guillain-Barre syndrome
Host genes, infection, and cancer: the 191(4)
example of cervical cancer
Genetic predisposition to transmissible 195(4)
spongiform encephalopathies
Part IV Application of infectious disease 199(32)
genetics in human and veterinary medicine
Use of genetic information in preventive 199(8)
medicine, public health, and patient treatment
Pharmacogenetics in the treatment of 207(4)
infectious disease
Genetics and the response to vaccination 211(6)
Improving genetic disease resistance in farm 217(8)
Infectious disease genetics in laboratory 225(6)
animal science
Epilogue 231(3)
Acknowledgements 234(1)
Subject index 235