Pilgrims, Patrons and Place : Localizing Sanctity in Asian Religions


Pilgrims, Patrons and Place : Localizing Sanctity in Asian Religions

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Full Description

UBC Press is pleased to announce a new series in Asian religions.Pilgrims, Patrons, and Place, a Buddha Dharma Kyokai Foundation Book onBuddhism and Comparative Literature, is the first book in this series.Click here to see other titles in this series.This book brings together essays by anthropologists, scholars ofreligion, and art historians on the subject of sacred place and sacredbiography in Asia. The chapters span a broad geographical area thatincludes India, Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia, and China, and exploreissues from the classical and medieval period to the present. They showhow sacred places have a plurality of meanings for all religiouscommunities and how in their construction, secular politics, privatereligious experience, and sectarian rivalry can all intersect.The contributors explore some of the most fundamental challengesthat religious groups face as they expand from their homeland orconfront the demands of modernity. In every case the biography of asaint or founding figure proves to be central to the formation ofreligious identity. Sacred place becomes a means of concretizing theever-expanding sphere of the saint's influence. While somechapters deal with well- known religious movements and sites, othersdiscuss little known groups and help to enrich our understanding of thediversity of religious belief in Asia.The book will be of interest not only to scholars of Asian religionand hagiography, but to others who seek to understand the ways in whichreligious groups accommodate to the challenges of new environments andnew times.


ContributorsAcknowledgmentsIntroduction - Pilgrims, Patrons, and Place: Localizing Sanctity inAsian Religions / Phyllis Granoff and Koichi Shinohara1 The Twenty-four Dioceses and Zhang Daoling: The Spatio-LiturgicalOrganization of Early Heavenly Master Taoism / FranciscusVerellen2 The Story of the Buddha's Begging Bowl: Imagining aBiography and Sacred Places / Koichi Shinohara3 Where Ascetics Get Comfort and Recluses Go Public: Museums forBuddhist Saints in Thailand / Louis Gabaude4 Paradise Found, Paradise Lost: Hariram Vyas's Love forVrindaban and What Hagiographers Made of It / HeidiPauwels5 Pilgrimage as Revelation: Sankaradeva's Journey toJagannatha Puri / Phyllis Granoff6 The 'Early Hindi' Hagiographies by Anantadas /Winand M. Callewaert7 Dvaraka: The Making of a Sacred Place /AndreCouture8 Place in the Sacred Biography at Borobudur / Robert L.Brown9 Ratannath's Travels / Veronique Bouillier10 The Interweave of Place, Space, and Biographical Discourse at aSouth Indian Religious Centre / K.I. Koppedrayer11 Portratiure and Jain Sacred Place: The Patronage of the MinistersVastupala and Tejahpala / Jack C. Laughlin12 Saints and Scared Places in Saurashtra and Kutch: The Cases ofthe Naklamki Cult and the Jakhs / Francoise MallisonBibliographyIndex