Modal Logics and Philosophy

Modal Logics and Philosophy

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Full Description

In Part 1 the reader is introduced to some standard systems of modal logic and encouraged through a series of exercises to become proficient in manipulating these logics. The emphasis is on possible world semantics for modal logics and the semantic emphasis is carried into the formal method, Jeffrey-style truth-trees. Standard truth-trees are extended in a simple and transparent way to take possible worlds into account. Part 2 systematically explores the applications of modal logic to philosophical issues such as truth, time, processes, knowledge and belief, obligation and permission. Accessible, authoritative, and assured, Modal Logics and Philosophy requires no more background than the completion of a standard introductory logic course. It will be welcomed not only by students looking for a bridge between introductory logic texts and the high-level technical literature but as a guide to, and exploration of, work at the forefront of logic and philosophy.

Table of Contents

Preface                                            vii
Acknowledgements ix
Argument and modality 1 (12)
Part 1 Formal systems
A simple modal logic 13 (15)
The normal modal logics 28 (23)
Modal predicate logics 51 (24)
The non-normal modal logics 75 (12)
Natural deduction and axiomatics 87 (22)
Part 2 Applications
Alethic modality 109(12)
Temporal logic 121(21)
Dynamic logic 142(6)
Epistemic logic 148(22)
Deontic logic 170(7)
Synthesis 177(6)
Answers 183(12)
Index 195