Catholic Feminism and the Social Question in Chile, 1910-1917 : The Liga De Damas Chilenas (Roman Catholic Studies, 19)

Catholic Feminism and the Social Question in Chile, 1910-1917 : The Liga De Damas Chilenas (Roman Catholic Studies, 19)

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Full Description

This work brings to light the thoughts and practices of the Liga de Damas Chilenas, an aristocratic Chilean Catholic women's organization. These women helped to shape their nation's discourse and practices on gender, women's social activism, democracy, politics, and nationalism.

Table of Contents

Introduction                                       1  (6)
Historical Context 7 (8)
Chapter 1: The Liga de Damas Chilenas and the 15 (62)
Moralization of the Se ras and Se ritas of la
El lujo or the Love of Luxury 22 (12)
The "Relaxation of social Customs" 34 (10)
The Erosion of Aristocratic Family Life 44 (11)
The Anti-Christian Education of the Se ritos 55 (5)
and Se ritas of High Society
"Modern Liberties, Doctrines, and Theories" 60 (6)
The Liga's Moral Feminism 66 (6)
Conclusion 72 (5)
Chapter 2: " That the Worker May Have All 77 (60)
That Is Due to Him in His Double Dignity as a
Man and a Christian": The Social Question and
Its Resolution
The Lucha de Clases or the War Between the 82 (8)
The Disorganization of the Working-Class 90 (21)
The Anti-Christian Education of the Hijos del 111(5)
Acci  Social Cat ica or Catholic Social 116(21)
Chapter 3: Christian Woman's Most Noble of 137(48)
Missions in Modern Society: Upper-Class
Catholic Women's Social Action
An Education More in Harmony with the Demands 142(6)
of Modern Times
Acci  Social Fern enina or Upper-Class 148(13)
Catholic Women's Social Action
The Mujer Cristiana and the Mujer del Pueblo 161(7)
(in Theory)
The Christian Education of the Haas del Pueblo 168(7)
The Mujer Cristiana and the Mujer del Pueblo 175(10)
(in Practice)
Chapter 4: The Damas and Their Little sisters, 185(58)
the Obreritas
The "Modern Female Trend" of Women's 187(13)
Industrial Labor
The Obrera, the "Weakest and Most 200(8)
Defenseless" of social Classes
Uppity Working-Class Girls and Women Strikers 208(5)
The Redemption of the Obrera (in Theory) 213(15)
The store for the "Protection for Woman's 228(4)
The Damas and Their "Little sisters," the 232(11)
Chapter 5: Mistresses, Maids, and Fallen Women 243(30)
The Crisis de la servidumbre 244(17)
An Ancient and Horrible social Plague 261(5)
Obreras and Caidas 266(7)
Chapter 6: Catholic or "True" Feminism 273(46)
Godless Feminism and Its Consequences 280(10)
Catholic or "True" Feminism 290(3)
The Education of "Woman" (Read Upper-Class 293(5)
Catholic Feminism and the Reform of the Civil 298(4)
The Question of Women's Political Rights 302(6)
Catholic Feminism and the Question of Women 308(5)
Conclusion 313(6)
Bibliography 319(12)
Index 331