Pictures and Words : The Crucial Combination of Photos and the Words That Explain Them

Pictures and Words : The Crucial Combination of Photos and the Words That Explain Them

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Full Description

Explore the dynamic interplay between copy and image! This frequently overlooked yet critical element of modern photojournalism is the subject of Pictures & Words. This title leads readers on an extraordinary investigation into the use of photos and accompanying captions in seven distinct areas: news, features, illustrations, art, advertising, fashion, and technology/science. The book begins by offering a window into the origin of modern photojournalism from its beginnings in Europe in the 1930s, complete with examples from historical archives that showcase how changes in meaning can result from the way words and photos are combined. Equipped with these lessons, readers delve into the roles of today's photographers, photo editors, copy editors, and reporters by tracing the path of a photograph and its accompanying caption from initial assignment to final appearance in a newspaper. Further insights are gleaned as readers go inside National Geographic, examining the importance of the feature photographs that accompany articles and documentary-style looks at subjects such as poverty, pollution, politics, and more. Here, emphasis is on understanding the interaction of photographer, writer and editor as they decide on captions and/or copy blocks. The final chapter of the book distinguishes between photos and illustrations, with guidelines for using stock photos and solutions for handling copyright problems and permissions. The result is a photojournalism handbook that speaks to both photographer and writer, empowering each with a richer appreciation of how their photographs and words are successfully linked.

Table of Contents

Preface                                            iii
Gallery 3 (1)
Photos That Changed History (Without Words) 3 (1)
Photos That Changed History (Without Words) 4 (1)
Photos That Changed History (Words Needed) 5 (2)
Photos That Changed History (Words Needed) 7 (1)
Photos That Changed History (Words Included) 8 (1)
Photos That Changed History (Words Included) 9 (1)
A Photo Not Needing Ten Thousand Words: 10 (1)
Only a Few Will Do
Prelude to a Revolution 11 (6)
All About Captions 17 (6)
How a Photo Reaches the Printed Page 23 (4)
Kinds of Captions 27 (10)
Simple Identification 27 (10)
Writing Captions for The New York Times 37 (10)
Where Pictures and Words Get Equal Billing 47 (20)
Working with the Photographers 53 (1)
What Makes a Good Photo Assignment? 54 (2)
Some Memorable Register-Guard Front Pages 56 (11)
Glossary 64 (3)
Life and The Churchill Funeral: An Era Ends 69 (4)
in Spectacular Fashion
All About Magazines 73 (16)
All About Covers 89 (6)
To See Life, Warts and All 95 (8)
Life on the Inside 103(8)
Legend Writing at National Geographic 111(6)
Taking Photos for National Geographic 117(10)
Gallery 119(1)
Cheetahs 119(1)
Gallery 119(1)
Bushmen 120(1)
Zambezi Bridge 121(2)
Hunter 123(1)
Mosquito on Bird's Eye 124(3)
Glossary 126(1)
Charlie Chaplin Meets IBM 129(4)
Photos and Ads: A Case of Arrested Development 133(6)
When Pictures May Indeed Be Worth as Much as 139(8)
Different Kinds of Ads Analyzed 147(6)
Hard Sell 147(1)
Soft Sell 147(2)
Image Sell 149(4)
One Copywriter's Thoughts on Pictures and 153(6)
Fashion Photography 159(10)
Fashion Photography: The Past 159(3)
Fashion Photography: The Present 162(7)
Glossary 167(2)
Section Four: PUBLIC 169(42)
``To the Egress'' and Other PR Stories 171(10)
The World of PR: First to Go, Last to Know 181(10)
A Distinctive PR Photo Style 191(6)
Things to Remember in PR Photos 193(4)
Science / Technical Photos Undulled 197(14)
Glossary 207(4)
Appendix A Legal Concerns 211(4)
Privacy 211(1)
Courtroom Rules 212(1)
Libel 212(1)
Copyright 213(2)
Appendix B Ethical Concerns 215(4)
Additional Reading 219(2)
Books 219(1)
Web Sites 219(2)
Index 221