Windows XP Top 100 Simplified Tips and Tricks

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Windows XP Top 100 Simplified Tips and Tricks

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* Designed for visual learners who want to take their basic Windows XP skills to the next level, this book presents 100 tips, tricks, and techniques for getting more done with Windows XP, Microsoft's most advanced operating system * Uses clear, two--page tutorials, with numbered step--by--step instructions and full--color screen shots, to teach the techniques in a visual format * It is estimated that some sixty million users of previous Windows versions can upgrade to XP without buying new PCs * Written by a best selling author and expert on visual learning whose books have been translated into twenty--six languages


1. Maximize the Power of Your Files and Folders. Task #1Folders With a Single Click. Task #2: Change the Program that Opens a File. Task #3: Prevent Other Users from Viewing Your Personal Files. Task #4: Get Quick Access to Files You Recently Used. Task #5: Rename Multiple Files at Once. Task #6: Quickly Send Files to Another Location. Task #7: Place Scraps of Information on Your Desktop. Task #8: Permanently Delete a Confidential File. Task #9: Find Lost Files. Task #10: Jazz Up the Appearance of Your Folder Icons. Task #11: Have Each Folder Open in Its Own Window. Task #12: Automatically Reopen Folders When You Next Log On. Task #13: Make the Items in All Your Folders Look the Same. Task #14: Change the Information Shown in the Details View. Task #15: Save Storage Space Using Zipped Compressed Folders. Task #16: Extract Files from a Zipped Compressed Folder. 2. Add a Personal Touch to Your Computer. Task #17: Give Windows a Retro Look. Task #18: Decorate Your Desktop With Your Favorite Picture. Task #19: Have Your Desktop Display Web Content. Task #20: Display Cool Shortcut Icons. Task #21: Set Up a Screen Saver Slide Show. Task #22: Improve the Appearance of Text by Using ClearType. Task #23: Reduce Eyestrain by Changing the Refresh Rate. Task #24: Change the Picture Beside Your User Name. Task #25: Customize the Mouse for Left--handed Users. Task #26: Add Extra Fonts to Your Computer. Task #27: Enter Text in a Different Language. Task #28: Remove the Animated Dog from the Search Companion. Task #29: Set Up Your Computer for Visitors. 3. Boost Your Efficiency. Task #30: Place Items on the Taskbar for Quick Access. Task #31: Create a Toolbar for Instant Access to a Folder. Task #32: Alphabetically Arrange Items on the Start Menu. Task #33: Stop Windows from Grouping Taskbar Buttons. Task #34: Display Folder Contents on the Start Menu. Task #35: Pop the Balloon Tips. Task #36: Quickly Shut Down Windows with a Double Click. Task #37: Quickly Lock Your Computer. Task #38: Instantly Clean Up Your Desktop by Hiding Icons. Task #39: Perform Housekeeping on Your Computer. Task #40: Remove a Program to Save Hard Disk Space. Task #41: Save Time With Keyboard Shortcuts. 4. Uleash Your Computer's Potential. Task #42: Make Your Computer More Energy Efficient. Task #43: Optimize Your Computer by Converting Your Drive to NTFS. Task #44: Use More Than One Monitor to Expand Your Desktop Area. Task #45: Increase Your Computer's Security. Task #46: Make Your Computer Work While You Play. Task #47: Automatically Launch Your Favorite Program. Task #48: Make Your Computer Speak to You. Task #49: Connect to a Wireless Network. Task #50: Protect Your Computer Using a Firewall. Task #51: Limit the Hard Disk Space Available for Users. Task #52: Restore Windows Updates You Have Previously Declined. Task #53: Supercharge Your Computer with Microsoft PowerToys. 5. Boost Your Computer's Fun Factor. Task #54: Copy Pictures from Your Digital Camera. Task #55: Create a Personalized Sound Scheme for Your Computer. Task #56: Download More Skins for Windows Media Player. Task #57: Turn Your Computer Into a Radio. Task #58: Copy Songs from a Music CD to Your Computer. Task #59: Create Your Own Music Playlists. Task #60: Burn Your Own Music CD. Task #61: Copy Songs to Your MP3 Player. Task #62: Place 100 or More Songs on a Single CD. Task #63: Play DVD Movies on Your Computer. 6. Simple Solutions for Computer Problems. Task #64: Close a Misbehaving Program. Task #65: Use Print Screen to Capture Your Screen. Task #66: Avoid Accidentally Running Viruses. Task #67: Mark a Help Topic as a Favorite. Task #68: Get Help Information Online from Microsoft. Task #69: Stop Windows from Reporting Errors. Task #70: Run an Older Program in Windows XP. Task #71: Take Action When Windows Will Not Start Properly. Task #72: Turn Back the Clock on Computer Troubles. Task #73: Fix Computer Problems Using the Help and Support Center. Task #74: Get Assistance Online from a Friend. Task #75: Reset a Forgotten Password. Task #76: Rest Easier by Backing Up Your Files. 7. Smart Web Browsing. Task #77: E--mail a Web Page or Link. Task #78: Organize Your Favorite Web Pages. Task #79: Display Web Pages Related to the Current Web Page. Task #80: Sort Web Pages You Recently Viewed. Task #81: Save Files from the Web for Later Use. Task #82: Surf Faster by Limiting the Internet Cache. Task #83: Keep Your Web Browsing Private. Task #84: Set Up Internet Explorer to Use Your Favorite Search Tool. Task #85: Master Internet Searching With Google. 8. Tips and Tricks for E--mail, Faxes and Instant Messages. Task #86: Access Your Hotmail Account in Outlook Express. Task #87: Create Multiple E--mail Signatures. Task #88: Create an Eye--Catching E--mail. Task #89: Confirm Your E--mail Has Been Received. Task #90: Create a Shortcut to a Person You E--mail Regularly. Task #91: E--mail a Picture at Lightning Speed. Task #92: Send an Automatic E--mail Reply When on Vacation. Task #93: Remove Deleted Messages When Exiting Outlook Express. Task #94: Stop Automatically Adding People to Your Address Book. Task #95: Print Your Address Book. Task #96: Send a Fax from Your Computer. Task #97: View Faxes on Your Computer. Task #98: Block People from Contacting You in Windows Messenger. Task #99: See and Talk to Another Person Over the Internet. Task #100: Share a Program Online.