Exploring the Way Life Works : The Science of Biology (Reprint)

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Exploring the Way Life Works : The Science of Biology (Reprint)

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Full Description

The Way Life Works is the perfect answer for any instructor seeking a more concise, meaningful, and flexible alternative to the standard introductory biology text.Organized around one central idea - the amazing unity that underlies biological diversity - this book presents biology's basic concepts and applications through a brilliant interweaving of incisive explanations, imaginative analogies, and stunning visual graphics.The process of science is strongly emphasized, and specific historical and current research is presented to elucidate the achievements of scientific exploration and the roles of curiosity and observation in initiating the scientific process.Easily adaptable to multiple teaching styles, this irresistably readable, innovative, and engaging new textbook is guaranteed to inspire both teachers and students alike.

Table of Contents

  Setting the Stage                                2  (23)
A Singular Theme 3 (1)
Thinking Small 4 (6)
Using Microscopy to Explore the Cell and 10 (4)
Tools of Science---Using X-Ray Diffraction 13 (1)
Parts and Wholes 14 (1)
The Way Science Works 15 (2)
Tools of Science---The Ultracentrifuge 16 (1)
The Way Life Works---The Basic Idea 17 (6)
Patterns: An Overview of the Basic Concepts 23 (64)
of Biology
Life Builds from the Bottom Up 24 (4)
Doing Science---Adhesive Force of Gecko 27 (1)
Life Assembles Itself Into Chains 28 (4)
Life Needs an Inside and an Outside 32 (4)
Life Uses a Few Themes to Generate Many 36 (4)
Life Organizes with Information 40 (4)
Life Encourages Variety by Recombining 44 (5)
Doing Science---Engineered Aspen Trees 47 (2)
for Better Paper
Life Creates with Mistakes 49 (3)
Life Occurs in Water 52 (5)
Life Runs on Sugar 57 (1)
Life Works in Cycles 58 (4)
Doing Science---Scientific Hypotheses and 59 (3)
the Industrial Revolution
Life Recycles Everything it Uses 62 (5)
Life Maintains Itself by Turnover 67 (3)
Life Tends to Optimize Rather Than Maximize 70 (4)
Doing Science---Antler Growth and 73 (1)
Extinction of Irish Elk
Life Is Opportunistic 74 (2)
Life Competes Within a Cooperative Framework 76 (5)
Life Is Interconnected and Interdependent 81 (6)
Energy---Light To Life 87 (52)
Making Bonds 88 (2)
Molecular Changes 90 (2)
Life and The Laws of Energy 92 (8)
ATP---The Energy Molecule 100(2)
Enzymes---Life's Clever Workers 102(1)
Enzymes and ATP---A Dynamic Duo 103(1)
Energy Flow Through Life---A Macro View 104(4)
Energy Flow Through Life---A Micro View 108(2)
The Chloroplast Ballroom 110(2)
Photosynthesis---Using Sunlight to Make 112(6)
Three Cheers for Carbon 118(4)
Doing Science---Van helmont's Experiment 119(3)
Respiration---Breaking Down Sugar to Make 122(8)
Doing Science---Oxygen Discovered 127(3)
Glycolysis 130(2)
Doing Science---Pasteur's Wine 130(2)
Getting Energy to the Community 132(7)
Information---The Storehouse of Know-How 139(44)
Why Life Must Come From Life 140(4)
Doing Science---The Death of 141(3)
``Spontaneous Generation''
An Abbreviated History of Genetic 144(2)
Life's Coding and Decoding Systems 146(2)
DNA---What Does It Actually Say? 148(4)
Doing Science---One Gene Makes One 149(3)
Protein---Beadle and Tatum and Bread Mold
Nucleotides, Letters On A Backbone 152(2)
Doing Science---A Chemical Can 153(1)
Genetically Change Cells
DNA---Base Pairs and Weak Bonds 154(2)
Doing Science---Moving in on the 154(2)
Structure of DNA
DNA---The Double Helix 156(2)
Doing Science---Watson and Crick Discover 157(1)
the Structure of DNA
DNA---Creating Its Own Future 158(1)
How Enzymes Copy DNA 159(3)
Genomes 162(8)
Tools of Science---Reading Genomes: PCR, 164(6)
Fingerprinting, Gene Sequencing
DNA Repair 170(2)
Permanent Changes to DNA 172(2)
Doing Science---Genes and Rodent Behavior 173(1)
DNA to RNA: Copying Genes Into Messengers 174(2)
The Chicken/Egg Problem 176(2)
DNA Packaging 178(5)
Machinery---Building Smart Parts 183(26)
About Proteins 184(2)
Multiplying Small Effects 186(4)
Doing Science---Moving Cell Contents 189(1)
Around in Nitella
Proteins Are Chains Made From Twenty Amino 190(2)
How Orders Translate Into Assembled Boxes 192(2)
of Donuts
How DNA Information Translates Into a 194(2)
Working Protein
From DNA to Protein---a Multistep Process 196(2)
Translation 198(3)
DNA to RNA to Protein 201(1)
Key Discovery 202(2)
The Unity of Biology 204(5)
Feedback---Signaling, Sensing, Reacting 209(34)
Assembly Lines 210(2)
Circular Information 212(2)
Allostery---The Key To Feedback Control 214(2)
Why Allostery? 216(3)
Allostery and Molecular Communication 219(1)
Higher-Level Control 220(2)
When You Can't Get It, Make It Yourself 222(2)
Chemotaxis: How Chemical Signaling Creates 224(2)
Purposeful Movement
Introducing the Adventures of a Slime Mold 226(4)
Doing Science---How Cell Aggregates are 227(1)
Doing Science---Telling Amoebae When to 228(2)
Feedback in Neural Circuits 230(4)
Doing Science---Toxoplasma Manipulates 233(1)
Rat Behavior
Cascading 234(2)
Ecology Loops 236(2)
Death on the Wing 238(5)
Community---E Pluribus Unum 243(44)
Emergence 244(4)
The Emergence of Higher-Level Behavior 248(2)
From One-Celled to Many-Celled Creatures 250(2)
Embryo Development---From One Cell to Many 252(2)
Organizing a Body---Part I 254(4)
Cell Signaling 258(2)
Organizing a Body---Part II 260(2)
Organizing a Body---Part III 262(2)
Genes as Switches 264(2)
Organizing a Body---Part IV 266(4)
How Cells Differentiate 270(4)
Positional Signals 274(1)
Cell Death 275(3)
Tools of Science---Cloning a Sheep (or a 276(2)
Organizing a Body---Part V 278(4)
Roots 282(5)
Doing Science---Controlling the Shape of 284(3)
C. elegans
Evolution---A Pattern for Creation 287(67)
Evolution of a New World View 288(2)
Further Evidence Supporting Natural 290(2)
The Origins of Life 292(2)
A Brief History of Life 294(4)
Small Changes Add Up to Big Differences 298(2)
Big Changes Over Time: The Results of 300(2)
Combined Innovations
Writing Poetry Evolution's Way 302(2)
Even a Small Advantage Tends to Survive and 304(2)
Multiple Changes 306(4)
Doing Science---Focus on the Fine 309(1)
Structure of Bone
Variation and Selection 310(4)
Sex 314(1)
Why Do It? 315(5)
Mutations 320(2)
Evolutionary Breakthroughs 322(2)
Mobile Information 324(4)
Doing Science---``Jumping Genes'': Corn 325(3)
and Cold Spring Harbor
Viruses 328(2)
How New Species Arise 330(6)
Co-Evolution 336(4)
Can Habits Be Inherited? 340(2)
An Experiment in Evolution 342(2)
Evidence of Relatedness 344(4)
Tools of Science---Radiometric Dating 346(2)
The Evolutioin of Intelligence 348(2)
Cultural Evolution 350(4)
Glossary 354(8)
Notes 362(2)
Answers 364(3)
Credits 367(1)
Index 368