30 Reflective Staff Development Exercises for Educators

30 Reflective Staff Development Exercises for Educators

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In this invaluable and unique resource, leadership and organizational development expert, Stephen S Kaagan presents a unique guide for educators who enjoy challenging themselves and are eager for new ideas and a fresh perspective of staff development. It promotes individual and collective learning of all participants as they undertake formal staff development while enhancing the success and performance of the entire educational system. The 30 reflective exercises have been designed to meet the specific needs of educators and include: fostering effective change; developing leadership skills; identifying and capitalizing on staff assets; and, gaining and using new perspectives.Each of the 30 exercises is described in rich, full detail, including detailed instructions on process, appropriate group size, and contextual cues for best use. Questions for reflection help users explore the "what," the "so what," and the "now what" of issues raised in the exercises. By incorporating reflective exercise into staff development, facilitators and participants will have the opportunity to engage deeply with new ideas and make connections between theory and practice.


Acknowledgments About the Author Part I: The Power of Reflective Exercises for Staff Development Purpose and Audience Guiding Principles Making the Exception the Rule Committing to Organizational Learning Concepts Important Caveats Current Practice The Contributions of Senge et al. A Personal Approach to Teaching and Consulting Organization of the Book Format of the Exercises Part II: 30 Reflective Exercises Maps and Markers: Expanding the Mental Landscape 1. Animal Attributes 2. Ancestors 3. Pushpins 4. Surprise Me 5. E-xplore Assets 6. Instant History 7. Bringing the Outside In 8. Best, Worst 9. Don't Surprise Me 10. Leadership Then, Now, Into the Future Multiplicity, Mutuality, and Meaning: Working Collaboratively 11. Dashing Dual Interview 12. E-xplore Perspectives 13. Snapshots 14. Rotating Pencils 15. Listening for Assumptions 16. Fruits of Silence 17. See 18. Patchwork Perspectives 19. Word by Word 20. Vision Sketch Mission Maintenance and Momentum: Moving to Action 21. Begin, Begin, Begin 22. Modest Expectations 23. Informed Purpose 24. Beginning at the End 25. Context Map 26. The "View From Downtown" 27. E-xplore by Association 28. Unheard Voices 29. Blame Game 30. Standing Offer Part III: Choosing Appropriate Exercises Vignette 1: Narrowing the Generation Gap Vignette 2: Deepening the Discourse Vignette 3: Traversing Unfamiliar Territory Vignette 4: Diminishing Divisiveness Concluding Comments Resource: Exercises Arranged by Topic and Purpose Bibliography