French Interventionism : Europe's Last Global Player

French Interventionism : Europe's Last Global Player

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Examines the European impulse in detail, while carefully outlining the dimensions of Paris' policy outside the continent.

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This volume makes the distinction between the fundamental objectives of French security policy and the tactical adaptations made to achieve them as the central theme that gives coherence. The primary emphasis is on France's place in the world and on how efforts have been made to restore and then maintain claims to national greatness and elevated global standing. It also offers detailed examinations of various military interventions both multilateral as in the case of the Gulf and former-Yugoslavia and unilaterally as in sub-Saharan Africa. The text brings together the foreign policy and security policy dimensions that relate to France's relations with the wider world, and France's global ambitions which have been so much of a stimulus to French political elites during the Fifth Republic.


Introduction - the origins of contemporary French security policy; Gaullist security policy - forging the legacy; tactical reappraisal and the transferral of ambitions; the international order transformed -France becomes a global peacekeeper; west European security architecture re-evaluated; the armed forces - nuclear and conventional adjustments; France in the wider world - the limits of exception; conclusion - the loss of specificite and the normalization of French security policy?