Penitence, Preaching and the Coming of the Reformation (St. Andrew's Studies in Reformation History)

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Penitence, Preaching and the Coming of the Reformation (St. Andrew's Studies in Reformation History)

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Full Description

Why did the Reformation take root in some places and not others? Although many factors were involved, the varying character of penitential preaching across Europe in the decades prior to the Reformation was an especially important contributor to the subsequent receptivity of evangelical ideas. In this book, several collections of model sermons are studied to provide an overview of late medieval teaching on penitence. What emerges is a pattern of differing emphases in different geographical locations, with the characteristic emphases of the penitential message in each region suggesting how such teaching prepared the ground for both the appeal and the reputation of Luther's message. People heard and interpreted the new theology using the late medieval penitential understandings and expectations they had been taught. The variety of teaching found in the Church left different regions vulnerable or resistant to evangelical critiques and alternatives. Despite current academic claims that the establishment of the Reformation cannot have resulted from lay religious understanding, this study offers evidence that theological ideas did reach beyond religious elites to promote a degree of popular support for the Reformation.

Table of Contents

        List of Figures                            xi
List of Tables xii
Preface xiii
Penitence and Preaching on the Eve of the 1 (12)
Printed Model Sermon Collections 13 (33)
The Pervasiveness of Penitence 46 (46)
Rigorist, Moderate and Absolutionist Sermon 92 (50)
Luther's Response to the Late Medieval 142 (42)
Penitential Process
Penitence, Preaching and the Coming of the 184 (12)
Appendix 1 Catalogues Surveyed: Incunabula and 196 (3)
Early Printed Books
Appendix 2 Methodological Notes 199 (3)
Appendix 3 Estimated Numbers of Copies of 202 (6)
Popular Sermon Collections
Select Bibliography 208 (13)
Index 221