Little E, Big Commerce : How to Make a Profit Online

Little E, Big Commerce : How to Make a Profit Online

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Full Description

This guide offers straightforward advice for those about to embark on an e-commerce venture and those who wish to maximize the potential of a current website.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements                                   ix
Foreword xv
Sir Richard Branson
Preface xvii
Section 1: What is E-Commerce 1 (48)
What exactly is e-Commerce and how does it 2 (24)
What it is and what it isn't
Value is the end
e-Commerce starts with the e-customer
B2B, B2C, B2P and B2A
Which Internet pieces do what?
How money is transferred
How goods are delivered
Must have e-Commerce skills
What you'll need before going live
How does e-Commerce apply to my business? 26 (15)
How suited is my business to e-Commerce?
How far behind are we?
Are we selling benefits or products?
How far ahead should we be?
Digitising conventional products and
The pitfalls of going online
No pain no gain
Learn the rules of marketing in e-Commerce 41 (8)
The 18 rules of Internet marketing
Section 2: How To Do e-Commerce 49 (140)
Assemble your best, best team 51 (11)
Involve the best senior staff
Get good e-Commerce advisers
Recruit reliable partners
What to tell non-team members
Classify your e-customers, and spy on 62 (12)
Every e-customer is not unique
How to segment
Horizontal and vertical segments
Influence is a one-way process
Survey 10 competitor sites
Spy on competitor businesses
Set marketing strategies and targets 74 (14)
Strategies for offline businesses
Strategies for new Internet businesses
Strategies for developing e-marketing
What happens to e-tactics
Select the right target
The hit myth
Prepare competitive strategies too 88 (10)
What is a competitive digital strategy?
David v Goliath
David v David
Goliath v David
Goliath v Goliath
2nd mover advantage
1st mover disadvantage
Low budget
Choose an online business model 98 (12)
Select from the main e-Commerce models
Learn from competitors and role-models
Customer is king, queen, jack and ace
Value, not technology
Connect staff to customers 110 (22)
What is an intranet?
What is an extranet?
Connect staff to customers and customers to
Keep the intranet task focused
Host your own discussion area
A few myths exploded
Create a powerful revenue model
Setting the right budget
How to apply for start-up funding
Build cautiously but fast 132 (17)
Rush safely
A guide to managing change
A guide to managing designers
Frequently asked questions on design
A guide to managing constructors
Frequently asked questions on technology
Promote your site 149 (28)
What search engines are good for
What online advertising's good for
Use paper to promote your site
Using PR to promote your site
Online PR
Using online newsletters
Selling into newsgroups and e-mail lists
Optimise loyalty through reward schemes
Love thy affiliate
Offline sales integration
Coping with sales decline
Grow your business, grow your site 177 (12)
Fire, aim, fire, aim, fire, aim
Build to last
Create an innovation cycle
Prepare for e-suppliers
A brief Guide to tax 177 (12)
Section 3: Case Studies 189 (42)
Case studies 190 (41)
Architect, £9,000 budget
Data communications agency, £225,000
Office equipment distributor, £85,000
Record distributor, £25,000 budget
Packaging wholesaler, £160,000 budget
Recruitment agency, £75,000 budget
Overseas investment services,
£145,000 budget
Glossary 231 (1)
Further reading 232 (1)
Index 233