Intruder Alarms (2ND)

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Intruder Alarms (2ND)

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Full Description

"Intruder Alarms" provides a definitive and fully up-to-date guide to the specification, systems design, integration, installation and maintenance of intruder alarm systems. It has been written to be the essential handbook for installation engineers and security professionals working in this rapidly expanding and developing area. The second edition includes new material on the use of remote signalling and networking and an expanded section on the integration of security systems, including real-world case studies. Information on police response policy, and the use of confirmed alarm technology has been updated, along with coverage of accreditation systems, NSI and ICON. This book has been endorsed by SITO (the UK's Security Industry Training Organisation) as a suitable text for students following the relevant SITO courses including the SITO/City & Guilds scheme 1851: Knowledge of Security and Emergency Alarm Systems. This is the practical guide for installation engineers and security professionals. It is an essential reading for anyone responsible for the commissioning and maintenance of security alarm systems. New edition covers networking and integration issues.

Table of Contents

Foreword                                           vii
Preface ix
Intruder alarm systems 1 (32)
A complementary part of the security 3 (2)
ACPO Security Systems Policy and response 5 (15)
organizations in the intruder alarm
Local authority requirements 20 (2)
Standards, codes of practice and 22 (7)
The installation and servicing company 29 (4)
Intruder alarm system circuitry 33 (15)
Detector circuits 33 (4)
Line-monitoring devices 37 (3)
The electromagnetic relay 40 (2)
Power circuits 42 (3)
Control circuits 45 (3)
Intruder alarm detection devices 48 (47)
Protective switches 49 (4)
Continuous wiring 53 (1)
Glass break detectors 54 (9)
Deliberately operated devices 63 (2)
Beam interruption detectors 65 (5)
Movement detectors 70 (17)
Inertia and vibration detectors 87 (4)
Capacitive detectors 91 (1)
Acoustic detectors 92 (1)
Terms and symbols 93 (2)
Power supplies 95 (11)
Primary supply 95 (2)
Secondary supplies 97 (6)
Ancillary duties 103(3)
Intruder alarm control equipment 106(52)
Control panel system facilities 107(6)
Control panel detector circuit 113(9)
facilities: control unit features
Conventional connection details 122(8)
Ancillary control equipment 130(6)
Multiplex, data bus networks and 136(6)
addressable systems
Voltage surges and induced 142(10)
electromagnetic energy
Uploading and downloading 152(6)
Signalling systems and confirmed alarms 158(54)
Audible signalling devices 159(11)
Visual signalling devices 170(1)
Electromagnetic relays: applications 171(3)
Remote signalling: the alarm receiving 174(2)
Remote signalling: telephone lines 176(7)
Signalling systems and automatic dialling 183(16)
Radio signalling: Paknet 199(2)
Optical fibres 201(4)
Alarm confirmation technology 205(7)
Intruder alarm wiring systems 212(21)
Survey of modern wiring methods 212(8)
Installation of supports and cables 220(2)
Joints and terminations 222(4)
Fixing methods for devices 226(3)
Working equipment: safe use 229(4)
Inspection and testing of the low-voltage 233(10)
(mains) supply
Visual inspection and testing 233(1)
Safety precautions and test equipment 234(9)
Commissioning, maintenance (servicing) and 243(34)
fault location
Testing the system 244(3)
Regulatory authority requirements 247(2)
Fault finding 249(14)
Customer care: servicing and maintenance 263(7)
Test equipment 270(7)
Reference information 277(8)
Wireless intruder alarms 277(3)
Environmental protection 280(1)
Multiplication factors 280(2)
Reference Standards, codes of practice 282(3)
and regulations
Index 285