Physics and Semiconductors 2002 : Proceedings of the 26th International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors Held in Edinburgh, Uk, 29 July-2 A

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Physics and Semiconductors 2002 : Proceedings of the 26th International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors Held in Edinburgh, Uk, 29 July-2 A

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Full Description

The 26th International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors was held from 29 July to 2 August 2002 at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre. It is the premier meeting in the field of semiconductor physics and attracted over 1000 participants from leading academic, governmental and industrial institutions in some 50 countries around the world. Plenary and invited papers (34) have been printed in the paper volume, and all submitted papers (742) are included on the downloadable resources.These proceedings provide an international perspective on the latest research and a review of recent developments in semiconductor physics. Topics range from growth and properties of bulk semiconductors to the optical and transport properties of semiconductor nanostructures. There are 742 papers, mostly arranged in chapters on Bulk, dynamics, defects and impurities, growth (147); Heterostructures, quantum wells, superlattices - optical (138); Heterostructures, quantum wells, superlattices - transport (97); Quantum nanostructures - optical (120); Quantum nanostructures - transport (85); New materials and concepts (52); Novel devices (43); and Spin and magnetic effects (48). A number of trends were identified in setting up the overall programme of the conference. There were significant contributions from new directions of research such as nanostructures and one-dimensional physics; spin effects and ferromagnetism; and terahertz and subband physics. These complemented areas in which the conference has traditional strengths, such as defects and bulk materials; crystal growth; quantum transport; and optical properties.As a record of a conference that covers the whole range of semiconductor physics, this book is an essential reference for researchers working on semiconductor physics, device physics, materials science, chemistry, and electronic and electrical engineering.

Table of Contents

Review                                             v
Section 1: Plenary papers
Theory of electronic states and transport in
carbon nanotubes
T Ando 1 (10)
InAs quantum dots: artificial atoms for
solid-state quantum optics
J M G駻ard, I Robert, E Moreau, B Gayral, I 11 (10)
Fractionally charged quasiparticles
M Heiblum 21 (8)
Collective transport properties of bilayer
quantum Hall excitonic condensates
A MacDonald, A Burkov, Y Joglekar, E Rossi 29 (8)
Ferromagnetic semiconductor spintronies
H Ohno 37 (10)
Unusual physics in III-V alloys: Spontaneous
ordering and wavefunction localization
A Zunger 47 (14)
Section 2: Invited papers-Bulk, dynamics,
defects and impurities, growth
Stranski-Krastanow growth and optical
properties of self-assembled GaN quantum dots
Y Arakawa, M Miyamura, K Tachibana, K 61 (8)
Hoshino, S Kako
Shallow donor states of hydrogen in II-VI
oxide and chalcogenide semiconductors,
modelled by muon spectroscopy
S F J Cox, S P Cottrell, P J C King, J S 69 (8)
Lord, H V Alberto, N Ayres de Campos, J M
Gil, J Piroto Duarte, R C Vil縊, E A Davis,
D Ellis, D Lamb, R L Lichsi, G Celebi, A
Direct composition profiling in III-V
nanostructures by cross-sectional STM
D M Bruts, P M Koenraad, J H Davies, S P A 77 (8)
Gill, F Long, M Hopkinson, M Skolk, J H
Wolter, J T Devreese
Interstitial H2 in Si: Solution of the puzzle
M Stavola, E Elinor Chen, W Beall Fowler, J 85 (8)
A Zhou, P Walters
Femtosecond buildup of screening and
collective effects in photoexcited GaAs: How
bare charges get dressed
F Tauser, R Huber, A Brodschelm, M Bichler, 93 (8)
G Abstreiter, A Leitenstorfer
Ultrahigh resolution photoluminescence
spectroscopy of isotopically pure silicon
M L W Thewalt, D Karaiskaj, T Ruf, M Cardona 101(8)
Band anticrossing in highly mismatched
semiconductor alloys
W Walukiewicz 109(8)
Section 3: Heterostructures, quantum wells,
The effect of intervalley scattering on the
performance of GaAs-AIAs quantum cascade
J W Cockburn, L R Wilson, D A Carder, R P 117(8)
Green, D G Revin, M Hopkinson, M J Steer, R
Airey, G Hill
GaN-based intersubband structures and
mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers with
heterogeneous cascades
C Gmachl, H M Ng, D L Sivco, J D Heber, R 125(8)
Colombelli, A Soibel, F Capasso, A Y Cha
Optical studies of charged excitons in II-VI
semiconductor quantum wells
P Kossacki, V Ciulin, J Cibert, M 133(12)
Kutrowski, W Maslana, D Ferrand, S
Tatarenko, T Wojtowicz, B Deveaud, JA Gaj
Terahertz semiconductor heterostnacture laser
R K ler, A Tredicucci, F Beltram, H E 145(8)
Beere, E H Linfield, A G Davies, D A
Ritchie, R C foui, F Rossi
Coherent generation and control of electrical
and spin currents in semiconductors
H M van Driel, R D R Bhat, D C   N Laman, 153(8)
J E Sipe, M J Stevens, A L Smirl
Section 4: Heterostructures, quantum wells,
The role of quantum interference for the
metallic state in high-mobility silicon
inversion layers
G Brunthaler, A Prinz, G Bauer 161(8)
Imaging coherent electron flow
B J LeRoy, A C Bleszynski, M A Topinka, R M 169(8)
Westervelt, S E J Shaw, E J Heller, K D
Maranowski, A C Cossard
New results on high-field transport in
semiconductor superlattices
C P Holfeld, B Rosam, D Meinhold, S 177(8)
Glutsch, W Sch臟er, J Zhang, M Gl k, H J
Korsch, F Rossi, K K ler, K Leo
The thermodynamic spin magnetization of
strongly correlated 2d electrons in a silicon
inversion layer
O Prus, Y Yaish, M Reznikov, U Sivan, V 185(8)
Experimental examination of anisotropic
transport in the high Landau levels of the
correlated 2D electron system
R L Willett J W P Hsu, K W West, L N 193(12)
Section 5: Quantum nanostructures-optical
Dephasing processes in InGaAs quantum dots
P Borni, W Langbein, S Schneider, U Woggon, 205(8)
R L Sellin, D Ouyang, D Bimberg
Decoherence in single InAslGaAs quantum dots
C Kammerer, C Voisin, G Cassabois, C 213(8)
Delalande, Ph Roussignol, J M G駻ard
Single-photon detection of THzJGHz-waves
using quantum dots
S Komiyama, O Astafiev, V Antonov, T Kutsuwa 221(8)
Magneto-optical spectroscopy of single trions
J G Tischler, A S Bracker, D Gammon 229(8)
Spectroscopy of self-assembled quantum rings
R J Warburton, B Urbaszek, E J McGhee, C 237(8)
Schulhauser, A Hdgele, K Karrai, A O
Govorov, J A Barker, B D Gerardot, P M
Petroff , J M Garcia
Section 6: Quantum nanostructures-transport
Spin selection rules in single-electron
transport through a few-electron quantum dot
T Fujisawa, D G Austing, Y Tokura, Y 245(8)
Hirayama, S Tarucha
Heterostructures incorporated in
one-dimensional semiconductor materials and
C Thelander, M T Bjdrk, A I Persson, B J 253(8)
Ohlsson, T Sass, L R Wallenberg, L Samuelson
Section 7: New materials and concepts
Will silicon be the photonics material of the
third millenium?
L Pavesi, L Dal Negro, N Daldosso, Z 261(8)
Gaburro, M Cazzanelli, F Iacona, G Franzo,
D Pacifici, F Priolo, S Ossicini, M Luppi,
E Degolf, R Magri
Section 8: Novel devices
Electron gas refrigeration and thermometry by
semiconductor-superconductor junctions
M Prunnila, J Ahopelto, A M Savin, P P 269(8)
Kivinen, J P Pekola
Section 9: Spin and magnetic effects
Spin photocurrents in quantum wells
S D Ganichev 277(10)
Electron transport in hybrid structures: the
effect of interfacial properties
D Grundler, C H Moller, O Kronenwerth, D 287(8)
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