Going Public: The Essential Guide to Flotation (New title)

Going Public: The Essential Guide to Flotation (New title)

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Explores the strategic issues both in terms of the day-to-day running of the business and also in the company culture.

Full Description

This guide covers the whole flotation process and gives advice on the issues faced by any company considering flotation. It covers the strategics issues that arise, as well as the changes that will be encountered, both in terms of the day-to-day running of the business and in the company culture. It covers topics such as conditions for flotation, alternatives to flotation, matching your choice with your company's strategy, the use of professional advisors, the flotation process, and post-flotation.


Part I To float or not to float - planning your company's future: 1. The equity environment, Colin Aaronson, Grant Thornton; 2. Necessary and sufficient conditions for flotation, Colin Aaronson, Grant Thornton; 3. Finding the right financial strategy, Colin Aaronson, Grant Thornton; 4. Alternative sources of finance, Colin Aaronson, Grant Thornton. Part II The flotation process: 5. The regulatory framework, Martin Shaw, Pinsent Curtis Biddle; 6. Alternative stock exchanges, Colin Aaronson, Grant Thornton; 7. Selection of advisers, Andrew Black, Pinsent Curtis Biddle; 8. The role of the sponsor, Colin Aaronson, Grant Thornton; 9. The role of the lawyers, Hannah Kendrick, Pinsent Curtis Biddle; 10. The role of the reporting accountant, Naomi Sharma, Grant Thornton; 11. The role of corporate broker, Shaun Dobson, Robert W Baird Ltd; 12. Valuing the company's shares, Colin Aaronson, Grant Thornton; 13. Tax planning for the company and the shareholders, Robert Langston, Grant Thornton; 14. Indemnities and warranties from directors and shareholders, Philip Goldsborough, Pinsent Curtis Biddle; 15. The role of corporate public relations, Peter Binns, Binns & Co. Part III Living with the listing: 16. Continuing obligations, Andrew Walker, Pinsent Curtis Biddle; 17. Best practice in corporate governance, Colin Aaronson, Grant Thornton; 18. Best practice in corporate communications, Peter Binns, Binns & Co; 19. Reviewing the company's pension plan, Richard Harwood, Grant Thornton; 20. Transactions by quoted companies, Colin Aaronson, Grant Thornton; 21. Enhanced audit requirements, Nick Jeffrey and Ruth Cooke, Grant Thornton; 22. Realizing value from the listing and tax implications of listed shares, Robert Langston, Grant Thornton.