Inside the Uda : Volunteers and Violence


Inside the Uda : Volunteers and Violence

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Provides a unique insight into the beliefs and political ideology of the Ulster Defence Association (UDA) and the Ulster Freedom Fighters (UFF).

Full Description

This book is a unique insight into the beliefs and political ideology of the Ulster Defence Assocation (UDA) and the Ulster Freedom Fighters (UFF). Featuring interviews with key members of these paramilitary groups, many conducted inside the Maze prison, Colin Crawford presents a thorough analysis of Loyalism and the role that Loyalist paramilitary groups continue to play in Northern Ireland's troubles. He also provides an insider's account of the workings of state-sponsored terrorism.Crawford explores these tensions and assesses the difficulties that the UDA faces in the wake of the Good Friday Agreement. He analyses the Ulster Democratic Party's failure to win seats in the 1998 elections, and he examines the conflict between those who are motivated by the profits of crime and drug trafficking, and those motivated by political ideals.The book makes disturbing and often heartbreaking reading, and it marks an important step forward in understanding the Loyalist position - for it is only through improving our understanding of the experience of all citizens in Northern Ireland that lasting peace can be achieved.

Table of Contents

Abbreviations                                      ix
Acknowledgements x
Foreword by Marie Smyth xi
1 Introduction to the Conflict in Northern 1 (9)
800 Years of Troubled History 1 (4)
The Roles of the IRA and of the UDA/UFF in 5 (5)
the Conflict Since 1969
2 Researching the UDA 10 (10)
The Probation Service, Long Kesh and 10 (6)
Political Prisoners
Specific Methodology 16 (4)
3 The UDA/UFF: History, Organisation and 20 (31)
A Brief History of the UDA/UFF 20 (4)
A Paramilitary Organisation? 24 (6)
A Working-class Organisation? 30 (2)
Strategy and Tactics: Selective Targeting 32 (7)
versus Random Killing
Infiltration by the Police and the Security 39 (3)
Collusion Between Elements of the British 42 (4)
Security Forces and Members of the UDA/UFF
From Paramilitaries to a Politicisation of 46 (5)
the Conflict
4 Phase One: Beginnings-the UDA's Chaotic 51 (46)
Sectarian War of the 1970s
Sam Duddy 51 (12)
'Ken' 63 (13)
'Billy' 76 (13)
John White 89 (8)
5 Phase Two: The 1980s UDA/UFF-from 97 (30)
Infiltration to Reorganisation
'Terry' 97 (15)
'Jackie' 112(15)
6 Phase Three: The Mid-1980s UDA/UFF-Travelling 127(27)
Gunmen and the Selective Strategy
'Gary' 127(16)
Michael Stone 143(11)
7 Phase Four: The 1990s-the Selective Strategy 154(39)
and Retaliatory Sectarian Murder
'Tommy' 154(11)
Johnny Adair 165(8)
'Gordon' 173(10)
'Alan' 183(10)
8 Phase Five: The UDA/UFF 1993-the Shankill 193(17)
Bomb and the Greysteel Massacre
Combatant A 193(3)
Combatant B 196(6)
Combatant C 202(4)
Combatant D 206(4)
Conclusion 210(8)
Bibliography 218(3)
Index 221