The California Republic : Institutions, Statesmanship, and Policies


The California Republic : Institutions, Statesmanship, and Policies

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Full Description

Even before its budget crisis and recall election, California held a unique position in the United States. Often lauded as having the fifth largest economy in the world, California leads the nation in other measures as well, particularly cultural and political trends. But were it an independent state, it would have one of the world's most unusual democracies. In The California Republic Brian P. Janiskee and Ken Masugi bring together a diverse group of contributors to shed light on the Progressive nature of California government. In addition to thorough treatment of perennial issues like affirmative action, gun control, and education, the work goes outside the conventional understanding of political issues to examine such topics as the Hollywood western, the electronic media, and California's revolutionary founding. Accordingly, the contributors include not only political scientists and historians, but journalists and political activists as well. The result is a clear exploration of the evolution of Progressive government in California and its contemporary policy consequences.


Chapter 1 Preface Chapter 2 IntroductionCalifornia Part 3 California in a Federal System Chapter 4 Popular Sovereignty, the Right of Revolution, and California Statehood Chapter 5 Nature and Convention in the Creation of the 1849 California Constitution Chapter 6 California and the Seventeenth Amendment Chapter 7 Californians and Their Constitution: Progressivism, Direct Democracy, and the Administrative State Part 8 Institutions Chapter 9 Broken Promise: The Rise and Fall of the California Legislature Chapter 10 No Allegiance but to the State: California Governors Hiram Johnson and Gray Davis Chapter 11 The Progressive Court Chapter 12 The Elections of 2002: Clear Cut or Ambiguous? Part 13 Local Government Chapter 14 The Problem of Local Government in California Chapter 15 Local Government Finance in California Chapter 16 The California Tax Revolt Part 17 Statesmanship Chapter 18 Armageddon in the West: California's Hiram Johnson Chapter 19 Nixon, California, and American Politics Chapter 20 Ronald Reagan and the Transformation of Modern California Part 21 Policies and Perspectives Chapter 22 Affirmative Action and Proposition 209 Chapter 23 Western Justice: John Ford and Sam Peckinpah on the Defense of the Heroic Chapter 24 California Farming in a Classical Context Chapter 25 The Politics of California Public Education Chapter 26 The Least Secure Right: Privately Owned Firearms in California Chapter 27 California's Political Mass Media Chapter 28 An EPIC Legacy Chapter 29 Water, Water Everywhere and Nary a Drop to Drink