Educating the Prince : Essays in Honor of Harvey Mansfield

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Educating the Prince : Essays in Honor of Harvey Mansfield

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Full Description

For forty years, Harvey Mansfield has been worth reading. Whether plumbing the depths of Machiavelli's Discourses or explaining what was at stake in Bill Clinton's impeachment, Mansfield 's work in political philosophy and political science has set the standard. In Educating the Prince, twenty-one of his students, themselves distinguished scholars, try to live up to that standard. Their essays offer penetrating analyses of Machiavellianism, liberalism, and America., all of them informed by Mansfield's own work. The volume also includes a bibliography of Mansfield's writings.

Table of Contents

Introduction                                       xi
William Kristol
Part I: Machiavellianism and Its Alternatives
Virtue, Modern and Ancient 3 (15)
Mark Blitz
How a Liberal Picks a Fight: Marsilius of 18 (12)
Padua and the Singular Cause of Strife
John P. Gibbons
Machiavelli and the Foundations of Modernity: 30 (15)
A Reading of Chapter 3 of The Prince
Nathan Tarcov
Necessity, Morality, Christianity 45 (17)
Ralph C. Hancock
Metaphysics and Religion: Francis Bacon's 62 (12)
Critique of the Ancients
Jerry Weinberger
``Christian Kings'' and ``English 74 (17)
Mercuries'': Henry V and the Classical
Tradition of Manliness
Paul A. Cantor
Part II: The Liberal Regime
``Hobbes,'' ``Socinus,'' ``Spinoza'': 91 (9)
Esotericism and the Atheist State in Pierre
Bayle's Historical and Critical Dictionary
Kenneth R. Weinstein
Rousseau on the Problem of Invisible 100(11)
Government: The Discours sur l'economie
Clifford Orwin
Rousseau, Nationalism, and the Politics of 111(18)
Sympathetic Identification
Arthur Melzer
Kantian Idealism 129(13)
Susan Meld Shell
Political Philosophy and the Religious Issue: 142(37)
From the Ancient Regime to Modern Capitalism
Peter Minowitz
Part III: America, Constitutionalism, and
Things Which Independent States May of Right 179(13)
Jeremy Rabkin
The Common Law Spirit of the American 192(13)
James R. Stoner Jr.
The Federalist's Unmixed Republican Government 205(14)
David F. Epstein
Responsibility in The Federalist 219(14)
Charles R. Kesler
Abraham Lincoln and the Spirit of American 233(13)
Glen E. Thurow
Constitutional Bureaucracy 246(18)
R. Shep Melnick
Separation of Powers and Contemporary 264(6)
Politics: The Case of the Telecommunications
Act of 1996
Jessica Korn
The Care of Souls in a Constitutional 270(21)
Democracy: Some Lessons from Harvey Mansfield
and Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Robert P. Kraynak
Churchill's Understanding of Politics 291(16)
James W. Muller
Publications 307(10)
Harvey C. Mansfield
Name Index 317(4)
Subject Index 321(2)
About the Contributors 323