The Bill of Rights (At Issue in History)

The Bill of Rights (At Issue in History)

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Full Description

This series provides primary and secondary sources to explore and investigate the various opinions offered on each topic. History comes to life as the reader is exposed to the voices of those who participated in and witnessed the dramatic events of the past. More recent writings by historians and other scholars examine events with the benefit of hindsight, illuminating both the heroism and egregious errors of history makers. This volume explores the Bill of Rights. An introductory essay sets the stage for each topic by presenting background context. Three or four chapters then examine different facets of the subject at hand. Each selection is preceded by a summary of the author's main points and conclusions.

Table of Contents

Foreword                                           5  (2)
Introduction 7 (7)
Early Debates over the Bill of Rights
The Constitutional Convention Rejects a 14 (7)
Bill of Rights
Catherine Drinker Bowen
Two Founding Fathers Debate the Bill of 21 (8)
Thomas Jefferson
James Madison
Federalists and Anti-Federalists Clash over 29 (12)
the Bill of Rights
Jack N. Rakove
The Constitution Does Not Need a Bill of 41 (6)
Alexander Hamilton
The Constitution Needs a Bill of Rights by 47 (6)
Without a Bill of Rights, the Government Is 53 (5)
Too Powerful
Patrick Henry
The People's Rights Are Protected Without a 58 (5)
Bill of Rights
Edmund Randolph
The Bill of Rights Becomes Law 63 (12)
Richard B. Bernstein
Jerome Agel
The Bill of Rights over the Years
The Original Bill of Rights Was Flawed 75 (6)
Ira Glasser
The Blessings of Liberty by Aric Press 81 (5)
The Bill of Rights Has Led to Excessive 86 (7)
Demands for Rights
Charlotte Low
The Bill of Rights Is the Best Hope for 93 (8)
Hugo Black
Appendix: The Bill of Rights in Its Original 101(2)
Chronology 103(4)
For Further Research 107(2)
Index 109