Self-Defense Techniques & Tactics (Martial Arts Series)

Self-Defense Techniques & Tactics (Martial Arts Series)

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Full Description

Joseph B. Walker shares his knowledge of self-defence to convey what will and won't work in self-defence situations. He presents self-defence fundamentals in clear, step-by-step instructional format enabling readers without martial arts experience to successfully learn to protect themselves. Essential information on disarming and defending against offenders with guns or knives is included and physical techniques and mental tactics that have been proved to work in combat are illustrated. Photographs and explanations of techniques are featured so they can be clearly understood and correctly executed.

Table of Contents

Foreword                                           vii
Preface viii
Acknowledgments x
Essentials of Personal Defense 1 (13)
Mental Readiness 14 (11)
Conditioning and Basic Moves 25 (24)
Hand Strikes 49 (12)
Defending against Hand Strikes 61 (42)
Kicks 103 (14)
Defending against Kicks 117 (23)
Breaking Holds and Defending against Weapons 140 (18)
Tactics for Street Situations 158 (21)
Index 179 (10)
About the Author 189