Inside Citrix Metaframe Xp : A System Administrator's Guide to Citrix Metaframe Xp/1.8 and Windows Terminal Services (Inside) (2 SUB)

Inside Citrix Metaframe Xp : A System Administrator's Guide to Citrix Metaframe Xp/1.8 and Windows Terminal Services (Inside) (2 SUB)

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Full Description

Inside Citrix MetaFrame is a comprehensive administrator's guide to deploying applications using thin-client technology. It includes coverage of all aspects of planning, installing, administering and troubleshooting a Windows Terminal Services and Citrix MetaFrame solution. Significant focus is put on building enterprise application web portals using Citrix MetaFrame and NFuse technology. This book offers real-world solutions, top ten tips, command and technical article references, lists of technical resources and web sites available, and lots of technical coverage that will help you when you need it the most. Citrix MetaFrame XP is an add-on product available for either Windows NT 4.0 or 2000 Terminal Server, and complements the existing features available in these products. Using Citrix MetaFrame XP, you can publish your applications rather than have users run them from a Terminal Server desktop. MetaFrame XP also offers better printer management capabilities, a centralized management console and supports non-Windows client connections.

Table of Contents

I Planning a Windows Terminal Server and Citrix    1  (188)
MetaFrame Solution
Introduction to Server-Based Computing 3 (22)
Benefits of Server-Based Technology 4 (2)
The Evolution of Server-Based Computing 6 (6)
Introducing Terminal Server and Citrix 12 (2)
Understanding Terminal Services and Citrix 14 (4)
Other Server-Based Computing Technology 18 (2)
Software Solutions
Specific ``Thin Client'' Hardware Solutions 20 (2)
Application Service Providers 22 (1)
Portal Technology 23 (2)
Introduction to Windows Terminal Server 25 (22)
Terminal Server Architecture 25 (14)
Windows 2000 Terminal Server Features 39 (8)
Introduction to Citrix MetaFrame 1.8 and 47 (30)
MetaFrame XP
Understanding MetaFrame 47 (1)
MetaFrame 1.8 and MetaFrame XP Core Features 48 (11)
MetaFrame 1.8 and the MetaFrame 1.8 Add-On 59 (4)
What's New in MetaFrame XP 63 (6)
MetaFrame XP Feature Release 1 69 (2)
MetaFrame XP Architecture 71 (6)
Understanding the Costs and Benefits of a 77 (22)
Terminal Server Solution
Understanding Return on Investment 77 (1)
Calculating Return on Investment 78 (4)
Costs and Benefits of Terminal Server 82 (9)
Versus Alternative Solutions
Understanding the Total Cost of Ownership 91 (5)
Top-Ten Terminal Server Solutions 96 (2)
When Not to Use Terminal Server 98 (1)
Licensing Terminal Server and Citrix MetaFrame 99 (18)
Citrix Licensing 100(6)
Microsoft Terminal Server Licensing 106(7)
Alternative Licensing Arrangements 113(1)
Top-Ten Licensing Questions and Answers 114(3)
Planning a Terminal Server and Citrix 117(30)
MetaFrame XP Solution
Planning for Terminal Server 117(5)
Planning for MetaFrame XP 122(25)
Planning for the Installation of Terminal 147(42)
Server and Citrix MetaFrame
Preparing for Terminal Server 147(2)
Sizing Your Terminal Servers 149(13)
Understanding Terminal Server Installation 162(12)
Other Important Planning Decisions 174(6)
Documentation During the Planning and 180(7)
Testing Stage
Top-Ten Installation Planning Tips 187(2)
II Implementing a Windows Terminal Server and 189(334)
Citrix MetaFrame Solution
Installing Windows 2000 Terminal Server and 191(26)
Citrix MetaFrame
Installing Terminal Server 191(11)
Installing Terminal Services 202(2)
Installing Terminal Services Licensing 204(2)
Installing MetaFrame XP 206(11)
Setting Up Terminal Server Users 217(54)
Terminal Server Users and Groups 218(14)
Creating a Naming Standard 232(5)
Creating Users 237(32)
Top-Ten User and Group Setup Tips 269(2)
Setting Up Terminal Server Connections 271(24)
Creating RDP and ICA Connections 271(5)
Connection Options 276(16)
Top-Ten Connection Setup Tips 292(3)
Installing RDP Clients for Windows 295(30)
Basic RDP Client Installation 295(6)
Automating the RDP Client Installation 301(12)
Centrally Deploying RDP Connection Entries 313(5)
Using the RDP Client 318(7)
Installing and Deploying ICA Clients 325(30)
Installing the Citrix ICA Client 325(5)
Customizing the Installation of the ICA 330(5)
Setting Up the Program Neighborhood 335(14)
Using the ICA Client 349(3)
Top-Ten ICA Client Setup Tips 352(3)
Installing Applications 355(40)
Basic Application Installation and Tuning 355(12)
How Terminal Server Keeps Applications 367(4)
Where Applications Store Settings 371(3)
Understanding the Registry 374(5)
Troubleshooting Application Problems 379(12)
Top-Ten Tips for Installing and Running 391(4)
Applications on Terminal Server
Policies and Desktop Management 395(48)
Basic Terminal Server Desktop Management 396(7)
Using Profiles for User Desktop Management 403(6)
Policies 409(31)
Top-Ten Tips for Setting Up Desktops 440(3)
Application Publishing and Load Management 443(42)
with Citrix MetaFrame
Advantages of Desktop-Centric, 444(6)
Application-Centric, Document-Centric, and
Content-Centric Approaches
Publishing Applications 450(20)
Load Managing Applications 470(12)
Top-Ten Application Publishing Tips 482(3)
Dial-In and VPN Access 485(38)
Remote Access Solutions for MetaFrame and 486(10)
Terminal Server
Remote Access Authentication 496(3)
Installing and Using Microsoft RAS on 499(5)
Windows NT 4.0 Server
Installing and Using Microsoft RAS and VPN 504(9)
Solutions for Windows 2000
Troubleshooting RAS and VPN Connections 513(2)
Setting Up Windows Clients for Remote 515(4)
Dial-In Access
Setting Up Windows 2000 Clients for Remote 519(1)
VPN Access
Dial-In ICA Connections 520(3)
III Deploying Applications on the Internet 523(82)
Firewalls and SSL Relay 525(42)
Accessing Terminal Server and MetaFrame 526(20)
Across the Internet
Setting Up SSL Relay 546(8)
Changing Terminal Server and MetaFrame 554(5)
Listening Ports
Basic Steps for Locking Down Terminal 559(4)
Server and Citrix MetaFrame
Accessing Citrix MetaFrame Servers Through 563(2)
a Proxy Server
Top-Ten List for Firewall Setup 565(2)
Running Applications on the Web Using the 567(10)
Terminal Services Advanced Client
Installing and Configuring the Terminal 567(5)
Services Advanced Client
Understanding How the Sample Web Page Works 572(5)
Deploying Applications over the Web Using 577(28)
NFuse and Wireless Technologies
Understanding and Planning for NFuse 578(11)
How NFuse Works 589(4)
Installing NFuse and a Web-Based ICA Client 593(8)
Download Site
Setting Up Wireless Access to Your Citrix 601(4)
IV Advanced Terminal Server and MetaFrame Topics 605(184)
Advanced Printing Techniques 607(30)
How Printer Auto-Creation Works 607(13)
Managing Printers with the Citrix 620(4)
Management Console
Troubleshooting Printer Problems 624(10)
Top-Ten Printing Tips 634(3)
Performance Tuning and Resource Management 637(46)
Performance Testing 637(10)
Measuring and Monitoring Performance 647(15)
Tuning Tips 662(10)
Installing and Using Resource Manager with 672(11)
MetaFrame XPe
Securing Your Server 683(24)
Planning Terminal Server Security 683(4)
Security Tips 687(17)
Monitoring Your Server 704(3)
Advanced Application Installation and 707(18)
Installation Management
Automating Application Installations 707(3)
Using Installation Manager for Application 710(15)
Advanced Network Management and Monitoring 725(24)
Prototyping the WAN 726(6)
Monitoring the Network and Servers 732(6)
SNMP Monitoring 738(8)
Top-Ten Networking Tips 746(3)
Terminal Server and NetWare 749(12)
Connecting to Novell Networks 749(5)
Mapping Drives to NetWare Servers 754(2)
Printing to NetWare Printers 756(1)
NDS for NT 757(1)
Connecting to MetaFrame by Using IPX/SPX 757(4)
Disaster Recovery Techniques and Enhancing 761(16)
Disaster Recovery Planning 761(8)
Reliability and Disaster Recovery Tips 769(4)
Disaster Recovery Kit 773(4)
Network Load Balancing for NFuse and Terminal 777(12)
How Network Load Balancing Works 778(3)
Setting Up the Network for Network Load 781(2)
Installing Network Load Balancing 783(2)
Adjusting the Load Distribution 785(1)
Monitoring the Cluster Using WLBS 786(3)
V Appendixes 789(84)
A Thin Client Hardware Solutions 791(14)
Thin Client Terminal Solutions 791(7)
Low-End Desktop Versus Thin Client 798(1)
Handheld Thin Client Solutions 799(6)
B Third-Party Software and Utilities for 805(12)
Terminal Server and MetaFrame
Utilities from Microsoft and Citrix 805(3)
Third-Party Utilities and Software 808(7)
Shareware Web Sites 815(2)
C Web Sites, Newsgroups, and Other Resources 817(6)
Web Sites 817(3)
Forums and Newsgroups 820(1)
Other Resources 821(2)
D History of Terminal Server and Citrix 823(4)
The Story of Citrix 823(1)
Enter Microsoft 824(2)
The Future of Terminal Server 826(1)
E Terminal Server and MetaFrame Command 827(30)
Command Index 827(1)
Windows 2000 Terminal Server Commands 828(17)
Citrix MetaFrame 1.8 and XP Commands 845(12)
F Citrix and Microsoft Technical Article 857(16)
Terminal Server and Citrix Licensing 859(4)
Improving Server Performance, Security, 863(5)
and Reliability
Installing and Tuning Applications 868(1)
Error Messages 868(2)
General Interest 870(3)
Index 873