Troubleshooting Microsoft Access 2002 (Troubleshooting)

Troubleshooting Microsoft Access 2002 (Troubleshooting)

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Full Description

Trouble with your database? Take aim with this handy TROUBLESHOOTING guide! Use easy flowcharts to identify the problem and target your solution. Fast! Fix it yourself using: Clear, step-by-step instructions Loads of screenshots Quick Fixes Helpful tips Get more answers on the fly with: Charts of Top 20 Problems and Prevention Tips Extensive index Handy glossary

Table of Contents

About this book                                    xiii
Troubleshooting tips xv
Charts and graphs 2 (10)
Quick fixes Fixing query parameters 2 (2)
• Fixing sample data • Resizing
a chart
I made changes to a chart in Microsoft 4 (2)
Graph, but they were not retained
The legend labels on my chart don't say 6 (2)
what I want
The columns in my chart aren't in the order 8 (2)
I want
I see an error message and my chart appears 10 (2)
Controls, placing and formatting 12 (10)
Quick fixes Changing properties in more 13 (1)
than one control • Changing the type
of control • Adding an & to a
command button title • Revealing a
hidden command button
My option group doesn't work the way it 14 (2)
I'm having trouble creating, organizing, 16 (2)
and sizing a tab control
I can't make an image fit on a command 18 (2)
I get an error message when I click a 20 (2)
Controls, viewing data 22 (118)
Quick fixes Column widths • Fixing 23 (1)
date formats • Automatically
resizing text boxes
The order of the rows in my list box or 24 (2)
combo box isn't right
I see #Error or #Name? in a field instead 26 (2)
of a value
I don't get the right results with 28 (2)
conditional formatting
I need to deal with null values in a form 30 (2)
or report
The text box control labels are in the way 32 (1)
The items in my list box or combo box take 33 (107)
too long to appear
Forms, viewing data 140 (10)
Quick fixes Setting properties in Form 140 (2)
view • Don't print buttons •
Setting tab order • Wrong records in
a text box • Data entry in multiline
text boxes
I'm having trouble entering data in my 142 (2)
combo box or list box
My subform doesn't print the way I want 144 (2)
My form is blank where there should be data 146 (2)
My subform doesn't show the data I expected 148 (2)
Importing and linking 150 (10)
Quick fixes Linked spreadsheet errors 150 (2)
• Finding linked tables •
Filtering linked records • Importing
from Microsoft Works
I copied a linked table, but it is linked 152 (2)
and not in my database
I'm having trouble with an imported table 154 (2)
I get errors when I import a spreadsheet or 156 (2)
text file to my Access database
I get errors when I try to append a 158 (2)
spreadsheet or text file to an Access table
Macros 160 (10)
Quick fixes Documenting macros • 160 (2)
Turning off macro warnings • Getting
the SendKeys action to work • Fixing
AutoKeys macro
I can't put a multiline message in a 162 (2)
message box
I get a ``Can't find the macro'' error 164 (2)
My SetValue macro runs at the wrong time 166 (2)
I see an error message when I try to use a 168 (2)
form with converted macros
Menus 170 (12)
Quick fixes Hiding menus • Missing 170 (2)
menu commands • Missing macro
I can't get my built-in menu bars back the 172 (2)
way they were
Some of the built-in menus or commands 174 (2)
aren't displayed
My custom menus don't show up when I open 176 (2)
my form
My shortcut menus aren't right 178 (2)
I can't change the name of the shortcut 180 (2)
menu I created
Pictures and OLE objects 182 (10)
Quick fixes OLE objects and foreign file 182 (2)
formats • Replacing an object with
an image • Changing the color
display • Keeping an image from
being edited
My linked image doesn't show the changes I 184 (2)
My calendar control doesn't look right and 186 (2)
shows the wrong date
I can't edit my OLE object 188 (2)
A picture is distorted and doesn't fit the 190 (2)
Queries, action 192 (12)
Quick fixes Unexpected parameter prompts 192 (2)
• Type mismatch messages •
Trouble updating primary key fields
My update query causes errors 194 (2)
I can't get my append query to work right 196 (2)
Using a find duplicates query to delete 198 (2)
duplicate records didn't work
I'm not getting the results I need with a 200 (2)
parameter query
I see a strange error message when I run my 202 (2)
make-table query
Queries, calculations 204 (10)
Quick fixes Correcting type mismatches 204 (2)
• Grouping records in a field •
Retaining currency formatting •
Misplaced functions
I keep getting blanks instead of real values 206 (2)
I get a strange result when I use the First 208 (2)
function in a query
My query shows the wrong calculation 210 (2)
results when I try to summarize data
My autolookup query isn't working 212 (2)
Queries, crosstab 214 (10)
Quick fixes Mistaken field names • 214 (2)
Too many columns • Parameter
settings in crosstab queries • Empty
Saving a crosstab query as a report doesn't 216 (2)
I'm having trouble grouping numbers in rows 218 (2)
in my crosstab query
I'm having trouble grouping and arranging 220 (2)
columns in my crosstab query
I can't sort or specify column headings in 222 (2)
a crosstab query the way I want
Queries, selection criteria 224 (12)
Quick fixes If you're prompted for a 224 (2)
parameter when you run a select query
• You need to treat wildcards and
operators differently in a criterion
• You need to set the Unique Records
property of the query to Yes • You
need to select which records you want to
I get the wrong records when I combine 226 (2)
What's up with wildcard characters? 228 (2)
I see too many records in the query results 230 (2)
My query doesn't return as many records as 232 (2)
I expected
I want to see only a few top values in each 234 (2)
group of records
Queries, simple select 236 (12)
Quick fixes Keeping duplicate values at 237 (1)
bay • Missing input tables •
Correcting column names
I don't see all the records from one of the 238 (2)
tables in my query
The records aren't in the order I wanted 240 (2)
The query doesn't display the number of 242 (2)
columns I expected
My query takes too long to return the 244 (2)
I can't sort on a lookup field in my query 246 (2)
Relationships 248 (10)
Quick fixes Edit relationships • 249 (1)
Identify relationships
I get an error message about ambiguous 250 (2)
outer joins
Access won't let me edit or delete a record 252 (2)
I can't build the relationship I want in a 254 (2)
I can't enforce referential integrity on a 256 (2)
Reports, creating 258 (10)
Quick fixes Calculating running sums 259 (1)
• Sorting on absent fields • My
report is too wide
I can't group records in a report the way I 260 (2)
I can't keep duplicate data out of my report 262 (2)
My report snapshot isn't working right 264 (2)
I can't calculate averages without 266 (2)
including the zero values
Reports, previewing and printing 268 (12)
Quick fixes The Keep Together properties 268 (2)
are not set correctly • A report
with missing data • The report's
title control
When I print my report, every other page is 270 (2)
Some of my mailing labels are blank 272 (2)
My multiple-column report isn't printing 274 (2)
I'm trying to print only selected labels, 276 (4)
but Access won't let me
Sorting 280 (10)
Quick fixes Sorting with the asterisk 280 (2)
• Sorting column order •
Sorting by absent field
My records aren't in the order I want when 282 (2)
I sort by more than one field
I'm having trouble sorting on lookup and 284 (2)
memo fields
I can't sort a text field in numeric order 286 (2)
I can't sort grouped records in a report 288 (2)
the way I want
Table design 290 (10)
Quick fixes Deleting a primary key • 291 (1)
Excluding null values from tables
I get an error message after designating a 292 (2)
primary key
I need to control errors in my data 294 (2)
Too many records have the same value in the 296 (2)
I don't know which data types and 298 (2)
properties to choose in a new table
Toolbars 300 (11)
Quick fixes Hide a toolbar • Dock a 300 (2)
toolbar • Toolbar name not in list
I can't get my built-in toolbars back the 302 (2)
way they were
Some of the built-in buttons aren't 304 (2)
I can't create the custom toolbar I need 306 (2)
When I paste an image on a button, it 308 (3)
doesn't look right
Glossary 311 (8)
Quick fix index 319 (4)
Index 323