Full Participation : A Comparative Study of Compulsory Voting

Full Participation : A Comparative Study of Compulsory Voting

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About a quarter of all democracies today legally oblige their citizens to vote, making this an important aspect of electoral systems in many settings. Moreover, numerous commentators and policy-makers in voluntary voting states are coming to view mandatory attendance at the polls as an attractive option in the context of declining turnout. Yet there has been a dearth of analysis of the way in which compulsory voting shapes attitudes, behaviour and outcomes of the political process. This volume fills that gap by providing a comprehensive description, analysis and evaluation of compulsory voting as it is practiced throughout the world.Specifically, the study systematically examines the history of the institution, the normative arguments for and against it, and the influence it has on a range of political phenomena. These include electoral campaigns, political attitudes, electoral integrity and legitimacy, policy outcomes and turnout. The book also considers the feasibility of introducing compulsory voting in a contemporary democracy, as well as variations on the institution designed to broaden its appeal. -- .


List of tablesPreface 1. Introduction2. A History of compulsory voting and an overview of contemporary experience3. Normative arguments for and against compulsory voting4. Compulsory voting and election campaigns5. Compulsory voting and electoral turnout6. Compulsory voting, electoral integrity and democratic legitimacy7. Compulsory voting and political outcomes8. ConclusionAppendix: sources of data and variable constructionReferencesIndex -- .