Kuby免疫学(第5版)<br>Immunology (5TH)

Immunology (5TH)

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Contents: Overview of the immune system; cells and organs of the immune system; antigens; immunoglobulins - structure and function; organization and expression of immunoglobulin genes; antigen antibody interactions; major histocompatibility complex; and more.

Table of Contents

Part I Introduction
Overview of the Immune System 1 (23)
Cells and Organs of the Immune System 24 (33)
Part II Generation of B-Cell and T-Cell
Antigens 57 (19)
Antibodies: Structure and Function 76 (29)
Organization and Expression of Immunoglobulin 105(32)
Antigen-Antibody Interactions: Principles and 137(24)
Major Histocompatibility Complex 161(24)
Antigen Processing and Presentation 185(15)
T-Cell Receptor 200(21)
T-Cell Maturation, Activation, and 221(26)
B-Cell Generation, Activation, and 247(29)
Part III Immune Effector Mechanisms
Cytokines 276(23)
The Complement System 299(20)
Cell-Mediated Effector Responses 319(19)
Leukocyte Activation and Migration 338(23)
Hypersensitive Reactions 361(28)
Part IV The Immune System in Health and Disease
Infection and Immunity 389(24)
Vaccines 413(16)
AIDS and Other Immunodeficiencies 429(31)
Autoimmunity 460(19)
Transplantation Immunology 479(20)
Cancer and the Immune System 499(24)
Experimental Systems 523
Appendix I: CD Antigens 1 (12)
Appendix II: Cytokines 13
Glossary 1