Political Parties in Turkey

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Political Parties in Turkey

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Full Description

Turkey's growing international profile, candidacy for the EU, and persistent democracy has led to a growing interest in how that country is governed. This book provides portraits of the seven main political parties by Turkish experts who are close observers of these institutions. In addition to providing an analytical survey of Turkish politics today, this volume also provides a fascinating case study on the problems of developing deep-rooted democracy, conflicts between state interests amd interest groups, and the evolution of party systems.

Table of Contents

Preface                                            vii
Introduction-Turkey's Political Parties: A 1 (3)
Remarkably Important Issue
Barry Rubin
The Democratic Left Party: Kapikulu Politics 4 (21)
Par Excellence
Suat Kiniklioglu
The Nationalist Action Party: Representing 25 (16)
the State, the Nation or the Nationalists?
Alev Cinar
Burak Arikan
The Motherland Party: The Challenge of 41 (21)
Institutionalization in a Charismatic Leader
Ersin Kalaycioglu
The Virtue Party 62 (20)
Birol A. Yesilada
From Ruler to Pariah: The Life and Times of 82 (20)
the True Path Party
Umit Cizre
The Republican People's Party 102(20)
Ayse Gunes-Ayata
The People's Democracy Party 122(16)
Aylin Guney
Conclusion-The Consolidation of Democracy 138(9)
versus Democratization in Turkey
Metin Heper
Abstracts 147(3)
Notes on Contributors 150(3)
Index 153


List of Maps vii

Editor's Foreword ix

Foreword by Lt-Gen. P.P. Vechny xiii

1. The Korsun'-Shevchenkovskii Operation 1 (32)

General situation and operational plan 1 (8)

Preparation of the operation 9 (6)

Course of combat operations 15 (1)

Encirclement of the German 15 (8)

Korsun'-Shevchenkovskii grouping (24 January-3


Destruction of the German 23 (7)

Korsun'-Shevchenkovskii grouping (4-17 February)

Overall results 30 (3)

2. German Defensive Battles in the 33 (14)

Korsun'-Shevchenkovskii Region

Grouping of encircled forces and 33 (6)

characteristics of the enemy defense

Combat operations of the encircled enemy 39 (8)


3. Combat Operations of the 5th Guards Don Red 47 (19)

Banner Cavalry Corps in the

Korsun'-Shevchenkovskii Operation

Cavalry corps operations during the encirclement 47 (11)

Cavalry corps operations during the liquidation 58 (6)

of the encircled forces

Conclusions 64 (2)

4. Air Operations during the 66 (21)

Korsun'-Shevchenkovskii Operation

Preparation of the operation 66 (8)

Air combat operations 74 (10)

Results of combat air operations 84 (3)

Editor's Appendices 87 (101)

Index 188