Prospects for Pastoralism in Kazakstan and Turkmenistan : From State Farms to Private Flocks (Central Asia Research Forum)

Prospects for Pastoralism in Kazakstan and Turkmenistan : From State Farms to Private Flocks (Central Asia Research Forum)

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Pastoralism has an ancient heritage in the vast natural pastures of Central Asia. These pastoral systems were profoundly altered after the incorporation of Kazakstan and Turkmenistan into the Soviet Union. Pastoralists were collectivised into state farms, building an industrialised nomadism which was highly productive while preserving elements of the pastoral systems. Independence from the Soviet Union then brought new policies which re-organised the state farms and removed state support in what has been termed the 'second revolution'. This collection traces how pastoralists have coped with the challenges of change in a part of the world with a long-tradition of livestock keeping. Their precarious position - balanced between a market system where only the fittest may survive, and their attempt to remain a human resource for the future development of the natural pastures and livestock industry - is carefully and critically examined by the contributors. The pastoralists' unique skills at managing livestock in a variable and challenging environment, and their ability to supply commodities much in demand mean that an understanding of their societal position is essential for anyone interested in transition in the former Soviet Union. Ilya Alimaev, Kazak Institute of Pasture and Fodder Roy Behnke, Macaulay Land Use Research Institute, Aberdeen Jim Ellis, University of Colorado Ovlyakuli Hodjakov


1. Carol Kerven 'We have seen two worlds': Impacts of Privatisation on People, Land and Livestock 2. Carol Kerven Agrarian Reform and Privatisation in the Wider Asian Region: Comparison with Central Asia Part I: Pastoralists and Rangelands of Southeast Kazakstan 3. Ilya I. Alimaev Transhumant Ecosystems: Fluctuations in Seasonal Pasture Productivity 4. Jim Ellis and Re-Yang Lee Collapse of the Livestock Sector: A Catastrophic Convergence of Ecological Degradation, Economic Transition and Climate Change 5. Roy H. Behnke Jr. Reconfiguring Property Rights and Land Use 6. Iain A. Wright, Nurlan I. Malmakov and Helene Vidon New Patterns of Livestock Management: Constraints to Productivity 7. Sarah Robinson and E.J. Milner-Gulland Contraction in Livestock Mobility Resulting from State Farm Re-organisation 8. Carol Kerven Privatisation of Livestock Marketing and Emerging Socio-Economic Differentiation Part II: Pastoralists and Rangelands of the Kara Kum Desert, Turkmenistan 9. Christopher Lunch Shepherds and the State: Effects of Decollectivisation on Livestock Production Systems 10. Khodja Khanchaev, Carol Kerven and Iain A. Wright The Limits of the Land: Pasture and Water Conditions 11. Ovlyakuli Hodjakov and Iain A. Wright New Patterns of Livestock Management 12. Ogultach Soyunova The Costs and Returns of Change: Profiles of Production and Consumption by Pastoralists 13. Carol Kerven Privatisation of Livestock Marketing