Sex, Color and Mate Choice in Guppies (Monographs in Behavior and Ecology)

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Sex, Color and Mate Choice in Guppies (Monographs in Behavior and Ecology)

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Full Description

The Trinidadian guppy (Poecilia reticulata) is well known to biologists and home aquarium enthusiasts alike. Scientists have studied guppies for most of the twentieth century. Some of the most intensive recent research has been conducted by behavioral ecologists, who have found that the guppy mating system makes guppies especially useful in the study of sexual selection and mate choice. By observing guppy behavior in aquaria, researchers hope to obtain new insights into how selection operates in natural populations. Here Anne Houde summarizes and synthesizes the scientific work done to date, relates the empirical findings on guppies to current themes in sexual selection theory, and suggests new directions for future research. This book describes the sexual behavior of guppies and examines how mate choice by females leads to the evolution of the conspicuous colors and the courtship displays for which guppies are widely recognized. The author shows that female guppies prefer males with bright color patterns, especially those with orange spots, and that the mating preferences of females lead to sexual selection on both color patterns and courtship displays of males.Houde's work addresses a number of areas that are of interest in sexual selection, including the remarkable degree of plasticity and evolutionary lability of sexual behavior in guppies, geographic variation in mating preferences, possible mechanisms for the evolution of female mating preferences, and the role of sexual selection in speciation. In conclusion, the author explores the implications of her findings for behavioral ecologists who study sexual selection in other species.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments                                    xi
Introduction: The Guppy as a Model System 3 (26)
Evolution, Genetics, and Ecology of Guppies 3 (10)
Geographic Variation among Guppy Populations 13 (12)
Issues in Sexual Selection and What Guppies 25 (2)
Can Tell Us
Summary 27 (2)
Reproductive Biology and Sexual Behavior 29 (16)
Mechanics of Reproduction 29 (3)
Ontogeny 32 (3)
Sexual Behavior 35 (5)
Mating System 40 (1)
Aggression and Dominance 41 (2)
Summary 43 (2)
Choosy Females and Competing Males: Mechanism 45 (35)
of Sexual Selection
Sexual Selection 45 (2)
Differential Mating Success 47 (6)
Female Choice 53 (22)
Does Male-Male Competition Play a Role? 75 (3)
Summary 78 (2)
Male Courtship Behavior 80 (24)
Courtship Decisions 80 (1)
Patterns of Variation in Male Courtship 81 (15)
Male Mate Choice: Effects of Female 96 (3)
Characteristics on Male Courtship Behavior
Sneak Copulation as an Alternative Mating 99 (2)
Summary 101(3)
Evolution of Female Choice 1: Direct 104(19)
Selection, Adaptive Plasticity, and Sensory
Mate Choice Decisions 104(1)
Behavioral Components of Mate Choice 104(2)
Selection and the Evolution of Mating 106(1)
Mate Choice Patterns 107(8)
Sensory Mechanisms 115(6)
Summary 121(2)
Evolution of Female Choice 2: Indirect 123(32)
Selection, Variation, and Correlations
Indirect Selection and the Evolution of 123(1)
Mating Preferences
Heritable Variation in Mating Preferences 124(1)
Good-Genes and Fisherian Models 125(2)
Mate Choice for ``Good Genes''? 127(10)
Discriminating between Good Genes and 137(2)
Fisherian Models
Variation in Mating Preferences among 139(8)
Genetic Correlation of Preferences and 147(3)
Color Patterns within Populations
Sexual Selection and Speciation 150(2)
Summary 152(3)
Summary and Prospects 155(10)
What We Have Learned about Sexual Selection 155(4)
in Guppies
Questions for Future Research 159(4)
Concluding Remarks 163(2)
Appendix. Experimental Methods: How to Build a 165(12)
Better Bordello
A.1 Design of Mate Choice Experiments 165(8)
A.2 Measuring Male Mating Success 173(1)
A.3 Measuring Male Color Patterns 174(3)
References 177(24)
Author Index 201(4)
Subject Index 205(4)
Taxonomic Index 209