Microbiology in Practice : A Self-Instructional Laboratory Course (6TH)

Microbiology in Practice : A Self-Instructional Laboratory Course (6TH)

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Full Description

Now in spiral-bound format, this successful text/laboratory manual offers a flexible self-instructional approach that guides students through each of its 55 modules. Hallmarks of the manual include a clear writing style with carefully crafted definitions, clear directions for completing each laboratory experience, and well-defined objectives for each module.


Introduction to the Student. Laboratory Safety. Laboratory Protocol. Media. 3. Sterilization of Media and Equipment. 4. Compound Microscope for the Study of Microbes. 5. Cleaning Microscope Slides and Preparing a Wet Mount. II: BASIC MICROBIOLOGIAL TECHNIQUES AND CONCEPTS. 6. Ubiquity of Microorganisms. 7. Aseptic Transfer of Microbes. 8. Aseptic Use of Serological Pipette. 9. Aseptically Dispensing Agar into Petri Dishes. 10. Loop-inoculated Pour Plates. 11. Quebec Colony Counter. 12. Streaking for Isolation. 13. Cultural Characteristics of Bacteria. 14. Bacterial Viruses. Yeasts. 16. Filamentous Fungi: Molds. 17. Protozoans: Sarcodines, Flagellates, and Ciliates. 18. Protozoans: Haemosporina. 19. Some Platyhelminthic Infestations of Humans. 20. Some Nematode Infestations of Humans. IV: BACTERIAL STAINS. 21. Preparing a Bacterial Smear. 22. Simple Stain. 23. Gram Stain. 24. Capsule Stain. 25. Bacterial Endospores. 26. Metachromatic Granules. 27. Acid-fast Stain. V: CHEMICAL AND PHYSICAL 29. Effects. 30. Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation. 31. Effects of Disinfectants and Antiseptics. 32. Effects of Andbiotics. VI: SELECTED Groups. 34. Carbohydrate Fermentation. 35. Nitrate Reduction. 36. Urea Hydrolysis. 37. Litmus Milk Reactions. 38. Hydrogen Sulfide Production. 39. The IMViC Tests. 40. Selective and Differential Media. VII: APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY. 41. Qualitative Bacteriological Examination of Water. 42. Assay of Bacteria in Milk. 43. Assays of Harmful Bacteria in Foods. 44. Microbes as Food and Beverage Producers. 45. Ames Test for Chemical Mutagens/Carcinogens. VIII: SELECTED SEROLOGICAL TESTS. 46. Bacterial Agglutination Tests. 47. Preciptin Tests. 48. Rapid Plasma Reagin (RPR), a Serological Test for Syphilis. IX: MEDICAL MICROBIOLOGY. 49. Intestinal Pathogens in the Family Enterobacteriacae. 50. Identification of Pathogenic Staphylococcus Aureus. 51. Pyogenic Streptococci. 52. Pneumococci and Other Alpha Streptococci. 53. Dental Caries Susceptibility. 54. Urine Culture. 55. Throat Culture. X: INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION. 56. Identifying Unknown Bacteria from a Mixed Culture. Suggested References. Phonetic Pronunciation Guide. Credits. Index. Color Photographs.