The Illyrians (Peoples of Europe)


The Illyrians (Peoples of Europe)

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New in paperback. Hardcover was published in 1991. "This is splendid scholarship from which even mature scholars can learn much". Choice.

Full Description

For more than a thousand years before the arrival of the Slavs in the sixth century AD, the lands between the Adriatic and the river Danube, now Yugoslavia and Albania, were the home of the peoples known to the ancient world as Illyrians. This book, now available in paperback, draws upon the considerable archaeological evidence that has become available since the Second World War to provide an account of the origins, culture, history and legacy of the Illyrians. John Wilkes describes the geography of Illyria and surveys the region in the prehistoric, Greek, Roman and medieval periods. He discusses Illyrian art, material, culture, religion and customs. A chapter examines the Illyrian language, of which little trace survives, and its connection with other Indo--European languages. Professor Wilkes also scrutinizes the linguistic evidence for the Illyriansa relatedness to other peoples -- Thracian, Italic, Greek and Celtic. He concludes with a discussion of a possible survival of an Illyrian native culture in the Roman and Byzantine periods.

Table of Contents

        List of Illustrations                      ix
List of Maps xv
Preface xvi
List of Abbreviations xviii
Part I The Search for Illyrians 1 (88)
Rediscovery of Illyrians 3 (25)
Illyrian studies 3 (10)
Illyrian landscapes 13 (15)
Prehistoric Illyrians 28 (39)
Illyrian origins: Stone and Bronze Ages 28 (12)
Iron Age Illyrians 40 (27)
Naming Illyrians 67 (22)
Illyrian language 67 (7)
Illyrian Names 74 (15)
Part II Greek Illyrians 89 (93)
Neighbours of the Greeks 91 (26)
Adriatic Illyrians 91 (13)
Greeks among Illyrians 104 (13)
Enemies of Macedonia 117 (39)
Conquering kings: Philip, Alexander and 117 (20)
Celts, Autariatae and Dardanians 137 (19)
Kingdom of Illyrians 156 (26)
A new Power on the Adriatic 156 (14)
Roman alliance and Conquest 170 (12)
Part III Roman Illyrians 182 (99)
Illyricum 183 (36)
Dalmatian and Pannonian Illyrians 183 (24)
Pax Romana 207 (12)
Life and Death among Illyrians 219 (35)
Ways of Life 219 (22)
Burial and Belief 241 (13)
Imperial Illyrians 254 (27)
Emperors from Illyricum 254 (13)
Medieval and Modern Illyrians 267 (14)
Bibliography 281 (46)
Index 327