The Seven Liberal Arts : A Study in Medieval Culture (Columbia University Teachers College Contributions to Education)

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The Seven Liberal Arts : A Study in Medieval Culture (Columbia University Teachers College Contributions to Education)

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Table of Contents

Introduction                                       1  (1)
I The Development Of The Curriculum Of The 1 (10)
Seven Liberal Arts
The Greek Period
The Roman Period
The transition to Christian education
The adoption by Christianity of the modified
pagan curriculum
II Grammar, the Practical, Study Of Latin 11 (10)
Mastery of elementary Latin
Elementary reading books and illustrative
The Distichia Catonis
The fable literature
A model mediaeval reading book
III Grammar, The Study Of Latin Literature 21 (14)
A Scope.
Conflicting views as to the extent of
classical education
Facts as to the general interest in
literary culture in the schools of the
Middle Ages
Facts as to the extent of the study of the
classics in the Middle Ages
The study of Christian poets
B Methods.
Use of commentaries, and biographies of
Appreciative teaching of literary
IV Grammar, text Books 35 (17)
General character of mediaeval text books.
The encyclopaedic texts
The individual texts
Text Books on Grammar
General Characteristics
First Period
Other important texts
Second Period
The Doctrinal
Other important texts
General character
Typical dictionaries and glossaries
V Rhetoric 52 (20)
A Technical study.
General conditions
Mediaeval attitude towards the study of
Text books
Analyses of important texts
B The study of Dictamen.
General character
Value of Dictamen collections for the
history of mediaeval culture
Text books
Analyses of important treatises
VI Logic 72 (18)
A Pre-University Period.
Scope and text books
Relation of logic as taught to metaphysics
The content of logic as one of the seven
liberal arts
B University Period.
General character and scope of the teaching
of logic in the universities
Text books of the period
VII Arithmetic 90 (23)
A General character of the Quadrivium.
Large extent of quadrivial instruction
B Extent of Knowledge.
The amount of arithmetical knowledge
possessed by the Middle Ages
First Period
1 General character.
2 Text books, Analyses of important texts.
Second Period
1 General character, Advance on the first
2 Text books, Analyses of typical texts of
the period.
Third Period
1 General character, Arabian Translations,
The assimilation of this material by
mediaeval schools, The practical and
theoretical results of this acquisition.
2 Scope, The extent of mathematical
instruction in mediaeval universities.
3 Text books of this period ,Analyses of
important arithmetical books of the period.
VIII Geometry 113(6)
General Character
First period
Text books
Second Period
Extent of knowledge
Amount of instruction
Third Period
Acquisition of Arabian material and its
IX Astronomy 119(9)
General character
First Period
Analyses of important texts
Second Period
Assimilation of Arabian material
Third Period
Astronomical teaching in the universities
in the 13th and 14th centuries
Text books
X Music 128(7)
A Scope, Music in the Quadrivium, Relation to
the art.
B General character, Extent of instruction
throughout the period.
C Text books, Influence of Boethius,
Emancipation from Boethius, Typical texts.
XI Conclusion 135(2)
Bibliography 137