Norse Mythology or the Religion of Our Forefathers : Containing All the Myths of the Eddas

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Norse Mythology or the Religion of Our Forefathers : Containing All the Myths of the Eddas

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Table of Contents

A list of authors consulted in the preparation     13 (10)
of this work
Chapter I What Is Mythology, And What Is 23 (18)
Norse Mythology?
The myth the oldest form of truth
The Unknown God
Ingemund the Old
Thorkel Maane
Harald Fairfax
Every cause in nature a divinity
Thor in the thunder-storm
Prominent faculties impersonated
These gods worthy of reverence
Church ceremonies
Different religions
Hints to preachers
The mythology of our ancestors
In its oldest form it is Teutonic
What Dasent says
Thomas Carlyle
Chapter II Why Call This Mythology Norse? 41 (10)
Ought It Not Rather To Be Called Gothic Or
Introduction of Christianity
The Catholic priests
The Eddas
Mythology in its Germanic form
Thor not the same in Norway and Denmark
Norse mythology
Max Miller
Chapter III Norse Mythology Compared With The 51 (20)
Norse and Greek mythology widely differ
Balder and Adonis Greek gods free from decay
The Deluge
Not the same but a similar tradition
The hard stone weeps tears
The separate groups exquisite
Greek mythology an epic poem
The Norse yields the prize to the Greek
Depth of Norse and Christian thought
Outward nature influences the mythology
Visit Norseland
Norse scenery
Simple and martial religion
Sincerity and grace
Norse and Greek mythology
Chapter IV Roman Mythology 71 (9)
Oxford and Cambridge
The Romans were robbers
We must not throw Latin wholly overboard
We must study English and Anglo-Saxon
English more terse than Latin
Greek preferable to Hebrew or Latin
He who is not a son of Thor
Chapter V Interpretation Of Norse Mythology 80 (14)
Aberration from the true religion
Historical interpretation
Ethical interpretation
Physical interpretation
Odin, Thor, Argos, Io
Our ancestors not prosaic
The Romans again
Physical interpretation insufficient
Natural science
Historical prophecy
A complete mythology
Chapter VI The Norse Mythology Furnishes 94 (22)
Abundant And Excellent Material For The Use
Of Poets, Sculptors And Painters
How to educate the child
Ole Bull
Men frequently act like ants
Thor's fishing
The dwarfs
Ten stanzas in Danish
The brush and the chisel
Nude art
The germ of the faith
We Goths are a chaste race
Dr. John Bascom
We are growing too prosaic and ungodly
Chapter VII The Sources Of Norse Mythology 116(55)
And Influence Of The Asa-Faith
The Elder Edda
Icelandic poetry
Beowulf's Drapa and Niebelungen-Lied
Influence of the Norse mythology
Influence of the Asa-faith
Samuel Laing
Odinic rules of life
The lay of Sigdrifa
Rudolph Keyser
The days of the week
Part I. The Creation And Preservation Of The
Chapter I The Creation 171(17)
Section i
The original condition of the world
Section ii
The origin of the giants
Section iii
The origin of the cow Audhumbla and the
birth of the gods
Odin, Vile and Ve
Section iv The Norse deluge and the origin
of heaven and earth
Section v
The heavenly bodies, Limo, the wind, the
The sun and moon
Hrimfaxe and Skinfaxe
Tho seasons
The Elder Edda
Bil and Hjuke
Section vi
The Golden Age
The origin of the dwarfs
Tho creation of the first man and woman
The Elder Edda
Section vii The gods and their abodes
Section viii The divisions of the world
Chapter II The Preservation 188(4)
The ash Ygdrasil
Mimor'e fountain
Urd's fountain
Thu norns or fates
Mimer and the Urdar-fountain
Tho norns
Chapter III Exegetical Remarks Upon The 192(23)
Creation And Preservation Of The World
Pondus iners
The supreme god
The cow Audhumbla
The Golden Age
Creation of man
The giants
The gods kill or marry the giants
Elves and hulders
Nisses and necks
Merman and mermaid
Mimer's fountain
Thu norns
Part II. The Life And Exploits Of The Gods
Chapter I Odin 215(55)
Section i Odin
Section ii Odin 'a names
Section iii Odin's outward appearance
Section iv Odin's attributes
Section v Odin's journeys
Section vi Odin and Mimer
Section vii Hlidskjalf
Section viii The historical Odin
Section ix Odin's wives
Section x Frigg's maid-servants
Section xi Gefjun Eir
Section xii Rind
Section xiii Gunlad, the origin of poetry
Section xiv Saga
Section xv Odin as the Inventor of runes
Section xvi Valhal
Section xvii The valkyries
Chapter II Hermod, Tyr, Heimdal Brage And Idun 270(9)
Section i Hermod
Section ii Tyr
Section iii Heimdal
Section iv Brage and Idun
Section v Idun and her apples
Chapter III Balder And Nanna, Hoder, Vale And 279(19)
Section i Balder
Section ii The death of Balder the Good
Section iii Forsete
Chapter IV Thor, His Wife Sif And Son Uller 298(39)
Section i General synopsis裕hor, Sif and
Section ii Thor and Ilrungner
Section iii Thor and Gieirrod
Section iv Thor and Skrymer
Section v Thor and the Midgard-serpent
(Thor and Hymer)
Section vi Thor and Thryur
Chapter V Vidar 337(4)
Chapter VI The Vans 341(30)
Section i Njord and Skade
Section ii ニger and Ran
Section iii Frey
Section iv Frey and Gerd
Section v Worship of Frey
Section vi Freyja
Section vii A brief review
Chapter VII The Development Of Evil, Loke And 371(42)
His Offspring
Section i Loke
Section ii
Loke's children
The Fenriswolf
Section iii Jormungander or the
Section iv Hel
Section v The Norsemen's idea of death
Section vi Loke's punishment
Section vii The iron post
Section viii A brief review
Part III. Ragnarok And Regeneration
Chapter I Ragnarok 413(15)
Chapter II Regeneration 428(11)
Vocabulary 439(23)
Index 462