Councils and Ecclesiastical Documents Relating to Great Britain and Ireland


Councils and Ecclesiastical Documents Relating to Great Britain and Ireland

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Table of Contents

  200---450. I. British Church During the Roman    1  (40)
200---300. Christians in Britain 3 (1)
throughout the Century
300 and onwards. A Christian Church in 4 (1)
304. Diocletian Persecution. S. Alban, 5 (2)
Aaron, Julius
314. British Bishops at the Council of 7 (1)
323. British Church assents to the 7 (1)
Council of Nice respecting Arianism and
347. British Bishops possibly at the 8 (1)
Council of Sardica, but certainly join
that Council in acquitting S. Athanasius
359. British Bishops at the Council of 9 (1)
363. British Churches adhere to the 10 (1)
Nicene Faith
386---400. A settled Church in Britain 10 (2)
with churches, altars, Scriptures, etc.
395 (?). S. Patrick's birth near Alclwyd 12 (1)
400---423. General references during this 12 (1)
period to British Church, etc.
400---461. Intercourse of British and 13 (1)
Gallic Churches
400, 423. Pilgrimages of British 14 (1)
Christians to the Holy Land and to Syria
After 401. Ninias, Bishop of Candida 14 (1)
Casa, converts the Southern Picts
413, 420, 429. Pelagianism in Britain 15 (1)
429. Germanus and Lupus at Verulamium 16 (2)
After 431. Palladius' mission to Ireland: 18 (1)
he goes from Ireland to Britain
440 X 460. S. Patrick's mission to 18 (1)
Ireland from Britain
447. Second visit of Germanus (with 18 (1)
Severus) to Britain
British Legends about Germanus in Britain 19 (22)
Appendix A. Date of Introduction of 22 (5)
Christianity into Britain
B. Ancient Martyrologies and Calendars 27 (8)
respecting British Saints
Legendary Lives of British Saints A.D. 35 (2)
C. Monumental Remains of the British 37 (4)
Church during the Roman Period
450---681. II. British Church During the 41 (158)
Period of Saxon Conquest
547 or 550. Epistola Gildæ 44 (64)
565 X 570. Ex Epistola Gildæ altera 108(5)
Before 570. Præfatio Gildæ de 113(2)
544 X 565. Mission of British Church to 115(1)
Ireland under S. David, S. Gildas, and S.
563. Mission of S. Columba ``de Scotia in 116(1)
Britanniam,'' i. e. from Ireland into
Before 569. Synod of Llanddewi-Brefi 116(2)
569. Synod of Lucus Victoriæ 118(1)
550 X 600. Excerpta Quædam de Libro 118(2)
589. Conversio Constantini 120(1)
500---600. British Monastery at Candida 120(1)
Casa frequented by Irish
Latter part of 6th or beginning of 7th 121(1)
century. Privileges of the men of Arvon
under protection of North Welsh
601. Synod of Caerleon on Usk 121(1)
602 or 603. Conferences at S. Augustine's 122(1)
Oak (Dinoth)
604 X 610. Letter of Laurentius of 122(1)
Canterbury to the British Bishops
613. Slaughter of British Monks of 122(1)
Bangor-ys-coed at Caerleon (Chester)
616 X 627. Asserted Baptism of Edwin of 123(1)
Northumbria by a British Priest
664. British Bishops join Wini the Saxon 124(1)
Bishop of Wessex in consecrating Ceadda
to York
670. British Church endowments claimed by 124(1)
the Saxon Church
671 or 673. Maelruba at Abercrossan 125(1)
Earlier part of 7th century. Synodical 125(1)
acts of discipline in Llandaff diocese
over Welsh Princes
Later part of 7th century. Irish Canons 126(73)
condemn the Britons for their separation
from the Western Church
Appendix A. Canones Wallici (?) 127(11)
B. Documents relating to the British 138(4)
C. The British, and in particular the 142(10)
Welsh, Episcopate
D. Schism between the British and Roman 152(4)
E. Legendary Lives of British Saints 156(6)
A.D. 450-700
F. Sepulchral Christian Inscriptions in 162(8)
(Celtic) Britain A.D. 450-700
G. Latin Version of the Holy Scriptures 170(22)
in use in the Scoto-Britannic Churches
Extracts from Old Latin British Version 192(5)
of Old Testament
Fragment of Old Latin (British or 197(2)
Irish) Version of S. John's Gospel
681---1295. III. Church of Walks During the 199(472)
Saxon and Norman Periods
681---809. Period the First. To the end of 201(4)
the Schism
681 (?). Death of the last British 201(1)
(titular) King of Britain
705---731. Schism between British, but 202(1)
especially Welsh, and Saxon Churches,
still continues
717. Churches in Wales first dedicated to 203(1)
others than their founders
739. Pope Gregory III. denounces Briton 203(1)
768 (or 755)---809. The Welsh adopt the 203(2)
Roman Easter
809---1100. Period the Second. From the end 205(97)
of the Schism to the Claim of Jurisdiction
by the See of Canterbury
Early in the 9th century. Gift of MS. 205(1)
Gospels to Llandaff Cathedral
Similar date. Grant of Freedom to a 206(1)
Slave, in presence of Laity and Clergy of
854. Cyngen King of Powys dies on 206(1)
pilgrimage at Rome
871. A Saxon Bishop at S. David's, etc. 207(1)
9th and beginning of 10th centuries. 207(1)
Synodical acts of discipline towards
Welsh Princes in Llandaff
Similar date [870---929?]. South Welsh 208(1)
Bishops said to have been consecrated by
Archbishops of Canterbury
928 (?). Account of Laws of Howel Dda 209(2)
928. Ecclesiastical portions of the Laws 211(73)
of Howel Dda
958 or 959. Limits of (the diocese of 284(1)
Llandaff and) kingdom of Morganwg settled
by Eadgar as Suzerain
961. Marriage of Priests still allowed in 285(1)
South Wales
10th and beginning of 11th centuries 286(1)
[929---1022?]. Synodical Acts of
Discipline towards Welsh Princes in
Similar date. Bishops of Llandaff from 287(1)
972, and some Bishops of S. David's from
995, alleged to have been consecrated by
Archbishops of Canterbury
1022. Church Schools in Llandaff diocese 288(1)
1022 X 1031. Charter of Rhydderch to 289(2)
Joseph Bishop of Llandaff
1030. Of Sundays and Holydays 291(1)
1022 X 1043. Synodical Excommunications 291(1)
of Meurig King of Glamorgan by Joseph
Bishop of Llandaff
1043---1055. Bishop of S. David's vicar 291(1)
for Saxon Bishop of Hereford
1046. Of Saints' Days 292(1)
1056. Herwald Bishop of Llandaff 292(2)
consecrated by Bishop of S. David's (?)
and confirmed by Archbishop of York (?)
1056 X 1063 or 1064. Privilegium of 294(1)
Gryffydd King of Wales to the Bishop of
1056 X 1087. Synodical Excommunication of 295(2)
Cadwgan of Glamorgan by the Bishop of
1071---1096 or 1098. School at S. David's 297(2)
in connection with Ireland, under the
last Welsh Bishops
1085. Extract from Domesday Book 299(1)
1092. Herveus (a Breton) forced into the 299(1)
See of Bangor by the Norman King and
1093 X 1104. Herwald of Llandaff placed 299(1)
under an interdict by Anselm (Anselm's
1095. Wilfrid (or Gryffydd?) Bishop of S. 300(2)
David's restored after suspension by
Anselm (Anselm's Letters)
1100---1188. Period the Third. From the 302(87)
Claim of Jurisdiction by the See of
Canterbury to the Visitations of Archbishop
Baldwin as Legate
1107. Urban consecrated at Canterbury to 302(1)
Llandaff professes obedience to Canterbury
1107 X 1112. Dispute first raised 303(1)
respecting boundaries of Llandaff and S.
1109. Herveus of Bangor driven from his 303(3)
See and translated to Ely (Letters of
Paschal II. and Anselm)
1115. Bernard of S. David's the first 306(2)
Norman prelate in Wales
1114 X 1123. Wales (and Ireland) claimed 308(1)
as within the Province of Canterbury
1115 X 1148. Canons (but without a Dean) 308(1)
established at S. David's
1119. First Appeal of Urban of Llandaff 309(5)
to the Pope against the Bishops of S.
David's and Hereford
1120. Welsh Bishop of Bangor professes 314(1)
obedience to Canterbury
1120. Indulgence of Archbishop of 315(1)
Canterbury on behalf of restoration of
Llandaff Cathedral
1123. Privilegium of Pope Calixtus II. to 315(1)
the See of S. David's
1125. Proposed transfer of S. Asaph and 316(1)
Bangor (with Chester) from province of
Canterbury to that of York
1125 X 1130. Metropolitanship said to 317(1)
have been claimed (by the Chapter) for S.
1125. Summons of Archbishop of Canterbury 317(1)
to Urban of Llandaff to a Council at
1125. Brief of Legate, John of Crema, on 318(1)
behalf of Llandaff Cathedral
1126. Agreement between the Lord of 318(3)
Glamorgan (Robert Earl of Gloucester) and
the Bishop of Llandaff
1128. Second Appeal of Urban of Llandaff 321(7)
to the Pope
1129. Third Appeal of Bishop Urban to the 328(8)
1130---1133. Final Appeal of Bishop Urban 336(8)
to the Pope
1135. Bishop of S. David's applies to the 344(1)
Pope for a Pall
1140. Welsh Bishop forced upon Bangor by 345(1)
the Archbishop of Canterbury
1143. Jurisdiction of Canterbury over 346(1)
Llandaff (Foliot's Letters)
1143. Bishop of S. Asaph consecrated by 347(1)
the Archbishop of Canterbury
1143. Cistercians first introduced into 348(1)
1144. Lucius II. to Bishop of S. David's 348(1)
respecting the Metropolitanship
1145. Chapter of S. David's to Eugenius 348(4)
III. on the same subject
1148. Appeal of Bishop of S. David's to 352(3)
the Pope on the same subject
1148. Subjection of S. David's to 355(1)
Canterbury under Bishop Bernard's
1148 X 1161. Jurisdiction of Canterbury 356(1)
over Llandaff (Foliot's Letters)
1148 X 1161. Episcopal acts of Bishop of 357(1)
Llandaff in the diocese of Bath
1148 X 1163. Renewal of disputes between 358(1)
Sees of S. David's and Llandaff
1150. Sanctuary restored in Llandaff 358(2)
1152. Consecration of Geoffrey of 360(1)
Monmouth to S. Asaph by the Archbishop of
1155. Dedications of Churches to the 361(1)
Blessed Virgin
1162. Last mention of descendants of the 361(1)
last Welsh Bishops of S. David's
1164. Foundation of Strata Florida 362(1)
1164---1167. Bishop of S. Asaph driven 362(2)
from his diocese (Becket's Letters, etc.)
1165---1169. Becket fails to force a 364(11)
Norman Bishop upon Bangor (Becket's
1169. Ordinance of Henry II. against 375(1)
Welsh supporters of Becket
1170. Bishops of S. Asaph and Llandaff 376(1)
and Archdeacon of Llandaff suspended for
joining in the Coronation of Prince Henry
(Letters of Alexander III.)
1171, 1172. Henry II. at S. David's 377(1)
1175. Godfrey of S. Asaph resigns his see 377(1)
1175. Directions of Giraldus Archdeacon 378(3)
of Brecknock to his officials, rural
deans, etc
1175. Llanbadarn adjudged to belong to 381(1)
the (Norman) abbey of Gloucester
1175 (?) Canon of Richard of Canterbury 382(1)
respecting the Welsh
1176. Renewal of claim of 382(1)
Metropolitanship for S. David's (by the
1176. Dispute between S. Asaph and S. 383(1)
David's respecting boundaries, especially
the parish of Kerry
1176. Norman Bishop forced upon S. David's 384(1)
1177. Norman Bishop consecrated to Bangor 385(1)
1177. Bishop of Llandaff suspended by the 385(1)
Archbishop of Canterbury
1179. Claim of S. David's renewed at the 386(1)
third (General) Lateran Council
1186. Bishop of Llandaff chosen by the 387(1)
1187. Archbishop Baldwin visits Wales as 387(1)
1188. Archbishop Baldwin preaches the 388(1)
Crusade throughout Wales as Legate
1188---1295. Period the Fourth. From the 389(282)
Visitations of Archbishop Baldwin as
Legate, to that of Peckbam as Archbishop of
Canterbury, and to the Final Absorption of
the Welsh Church (and State) into the
1189. Dispensation granted by the Papal 390(1)
Legate from going to the Crusade
1190---1203. Dispute and Appeal to the 391(2)
Pope about the See of Bangor
1193 X 1218. Chapter of Llandaff organized 393(1)
1197. Synodical Excommunication (and 393(1)
Absolution) of King of South Wales by
Bishop of S. David's
1198, 1200. Abbeys of Kemmer and Valle 394(1)
Crucis founded
1198---1204. Fruitless efforts of 394(58)
Giraldus to obtain Metropolitanship and
freedom of election for S. David's
i. 1198. Sept.-1199. June. Giraldus 394(5)
elected, but rejected by King John
ii. 1199. June-end of 1200. Appeal to 399(14)
the Pope and first journey to Rome
iii. 1201. Jan.-December. Second 413(6)
journey to Rome
iv. 1201. Dec.-1202. Oct. Cause tried 419(11)
by Commissioners in England
v. 1202. Oct.-1203. Aug. Third journey 430(16)
to Rome. Both elections quashed
vi. 1203. Aug.-1204. January. Final 446(6)
defeat of Giraldus
1207. Bull of Innocent III., ruling 452(1)
(incidentally) that Wales is subject to
1211. Welsh Bishops to execute the Papal 453(1)
Envoy's sentence of interdict in Wales
1212. Welsh released from interdict 453(1)
1215. English nominee consecrated to 454(1)
1215. Free election to the See of S. 455(2)
David's (King John's Letters)
1215. Temporalties of S. David's, ``sede 457(1)
vacante,'' in the Crown
1216. Council of Bristol 457(1)
1219. Papal Provision to the See of 457(1)
1222. Canon of Stephen of Canterbury 458(1)
respecting Welsh Vicars
1223. Sarum Use partially introduced into 459(1)
S. David's
1223. Honorius III. to the Archbishop of 459(2)
York, etc. to excommunicate Llywelyn
1224. No other Writs than the King's to 461(1)
run in S. David's
1224. Irish Monastery of Whitland founded 462(1)
from Wales
1229. Council of Westminster 462(1)
1231. Henry III. to Roger Bishop of 462(1)
London concerning excommunicating Llywelyn
1236. Constitution of Edmund of 463(1)
Canterbury respecting baptizing in the
Welsh tongue
1236. Resignation, and profession as a 464(1)
monk, of Cadwgan Bishop of Bangor
1236. Gregory IX. to Bishop etc. of 464(1)
Worcester respecting boundaries of Welsh
Sees and Hereford
1237 etc. Convents of Llanvaes and 465(1)
Llanllugan founded
1240. Edmund of Canterbury to Convent of 465(1)
Canterbury respecting consecrating the
Bishop of S. Asaph elsewhere than at
1240. Legate and Bishops etc. guarantee 466(1)
treaty between Henry III. and Prince David
1241. Temporalties of Llandaff, ``sede 466(2)
vacante,'' in the Crown, not in the Lords
of Glamorgan
1241. Excommunication of Prince David by 468(1)
the Bishop of Bangor
1241. Bishops of Bangor and S. Asaph 468(1)
guarantees for Prince David to Henry III
1244. Intrigue of David of Wales to hold 469(3)
his principality of the Pope (Letters of
Innocent IV. etc.)
1244. Henry III. to Walter Bishop of 472(1)
Worcester to excommunicate Prince David
1245. Bull of Innocent IV. excusing 473(1)
various (English and) Welsh Prelates from
the Council of Lyons
1246. Advowsons in Wales transferred by 473(1)
conquest from Welsh Prince to English King
1247. Privilege of Innocent IV. to the 473(1)
Bishop of S. David's
1247. Poverty of Welsh Bishops --- Bishop 474(1)
of S. Asaph a refugee at S. Alban's
1249. Right of (English) Crown to 475(1)
license, and to consent to, the election
of a Bishop, recognised by the Bishop and
Chapter of S. Asaph
1250. Indulgence granted by Bishop of S. 476(1)
Asaph at Bruerne in Oxfordshire
1250. Suits respecting Advowsons claimed 476(2)
for the King's Court as against the
1251. Bishop to signify the facts to the 478(1)
Crown in a case of bastardy
1252. Innocent IV. to Henry III. on 479(2)
behalf of the Bishops of S. David's
respecting jurisdiction in questions
about Advowsons
1254. Tenths for Holy Land collected in 481(1)
1254. Vicars in Llandaff diocese to pay 481(1)
ordinary charges of their Churches
1256. Consecration of Richard Bishop of 481(3)
S. David's by Alexander IV. independently
of the Crown (Letters of Alexander IV.
1257. Bishop of Llandaff elected by the 484(1)
Chapter in defiance of the Crown
1257. Tenths etc. collected in Wales, how 485(1)
to be transmitted to Rome
1257 X 1266. King's Bailiffs to protect 486(1)
the Church of S. David's
1260. Bull of Alexander IV. endowing a 486(1)
Treasurership at S. David's
1260. Archbishop of Canterbury to the 487(2)
Welsh Bishops to excommunicate Llywelyn
1261. Agreement between Bishop of Bangor 489(4)
and Llywelyn, settled by Anian of S.
Asaph and others as arbiters
1265. Richard Bishop of S. David's to 493(1)
Henry III
1265. Henry III. to Richard Bishop of 494(1)
1266. Tenths granted to the King in 494(1)
England, Wales, etc.
1266. Agreement between Guardian of 495(1)
Temporalties of S. Asaph (sede vacante)
and the Chapter
1267. Richard of Bangor to Clement IV. 496(1)
imploring permission to resign his See
1268. Writ to Bishop of S. David's to 497(1)
collect in his diocese the Tenths granted
by the Pope to Henry III
1269. Grant of Liberties to the See of S. 497(1)
Asaph by Llywelyn
1272. Suspension of a clerk in S. Asaph 498(1)
diocese for receiving orders ``ab
Episcopo ultra montano''
1274. Welsh Cistercian Abbats to Gregory 498(1)
X. on behalf of Llywelyn
1274. Writ to arrest Vagabond Canons of 499(1)
1274. Gregory X. to Robert of Canterbury 500(1)
on behalf of Llywelyn
1274. Gregory X. to Llywelyn 501(1)
1274. Diocesan Assembly at S. Asaph 502(1)
respecting the Liberties of the Diocese
1275. Llywelyn to Robert Archbishop of 503(3)
1275. Welsh Bishops absent themselves 506(1)
from Consecration of Bishop of Hereford
1275. Llywelyn to Gregory X 506(2)
1275. Llywelyn to Robert of Canterbury, 508(1)
Walter of York, and their Suffragans in
Council in London
1275. Writ to collect a Fifteenth from 509(1)
Honour of Abergavenny, to pay the King's
debts in the Holy Land
1276. Confirmation by Edward I. of 509(1)
Liberties of S. Asaph Diocese
1276. English Bishops to Llywelyn 510(1)
1276. Grievances of Bishop and Chapter of 511(5)
S. Asaph as against Llywelyn
1277. Temporary safe-conduct for property 516(1)
of the Bishop of S. Asaph, during the war
1277. Like document for the Bishop of 517(1)
1277. Robert of Canterbury to Walter of 517(2)
York, about excommunicating Llywelyn
1277. Liberties granted by Llywelyn to 519(2)
Bishop and Chapter of S. Asaph
1277. Letters of Protection for Friars 521(1)
Preachers of Bangor
1277. Robert of Canterbury to W. de 522(1)
Beauchamp Earl of Warwick, etc. in
command of Edward's army at Chester
1277. Robert of Canterbury to Clergy and 523(1)
Laity of Sees of Coventry, etc.,
Hereford, and Wales, in behalf of S.
Asaph Clergy itinerating with the S.
Asaph Gospels
1277. Anian of S. Asaph to the (English) 523(1)
Provincial of Friars Preachers, asking
prayers for the diocese of S. Asaph
1278. Edward I. to Anian of Bangor 524(1)
1278. Edward I. to Llywelyn on Church 525(1)
matters, etc.
1278. Grant of Liberties by Edward I. to 526(1)
the See of Bangor
1280. Archbishop Peckham to Llywelyn on 526(2)
Church matters
1280. Profession of Bishop Beck 528(1)
consecrated to S. David's
1281. Proposed removal of S. Asaph 529(2)
Cathedral to Rhuddlan (Letters of Anian
and Edward I.)
1281. Right of Patronage in S. Asaph 531(2)
diocese to be tried in Church Court
(Peckham's Letters)
1282. Mediation of Archbishop Peckham 533(13)
between Edward I. and Llywelyn (Peckham's
1282. Edward I. to Archbishop Peckham 546(1)
about putting down the Welsh War once for
1282. Letters of Archbishop Peckham about 547(1)
Llywelyn's death
1282. Archbishop Peckham to Robert Bishop 548(1)
of Bath and Wells, on behalf of Welsh
1283. Privilege to the finders of the 549(1)
1283. Grant of Edward I. to the Bishop of 550(1)
Bangor and the ``Offeyriat Teulu'' jointly
1283. Dispute about boundaries of S. 550(1)
Asaph and Hereford
1283. Martin IV. to Thomas Bishop of S. 551(1)
David's (dispensation for a marriage)
1284. Visitation of Welsh dioceses by 552(25)
Archbishop Peckham as Archbishop of
Canterbury (Letters of Peckham, Martin
IV., Edward I.)
1284. Protest of Bishop Beck of S. David's 577(2)
1284. Grant of Patronage of Rhuddlan by 579(1)
Edward I. to Bishops of S. Asaph
1284. Privilege of Edward I. to Bishop of 580(1)
1284. Receipts for Compensation for 581(2)
Injury, paid by Edward I. to various
Welsh Sees, Abbeys, etc.
1284. Edward I. and Queen Eleanor at S. 583(1)
1284 (?). Prohibition of the Ordination 583(1)
of Welshmen
1285. Articles of the Bishops against 583(1)
Edward I. (with the Answers), as far as
they relate to Wales
1285. Licence to the Bishop of Bangor to 584(1)
make a Will
1286. Indulgence of Bishop of Bangor on 584(1)
behalf of the Convent of Beddgelert
1287. Quota of soldiers to be supplied 585(1)
for Welsh war by the Bishop of S. David's
1287. Letters of Edward I. and Robert 585(3)
Bishop of Bath and Wells about an
election to the See of Llandaff
1287. Statute of Bishop of S. David's 588(1)
respecting Diocesan Synods
1288. Commission of Archbishop of 588(1)
Canterbury respecting Spiritualties of
Llandaff, ``sede vacante''
1289. Nicholas IV. to Abbat and Convent 588(1)
of Aberconway respecting their removal to
1289. Writ to enquire into condition of 589(1)
Llywelyn's daughters and nieces, Nuns of
the Order of Sempringham
1289. Bull of Nicholas IV., granting 590(1)
Tenths to Edward I., includes Wales
1290. Temporalties of Llandaff, ``sede 590(7)
vacante,'' in the Crown
1291. Two Bulls of Nicholas IV. similar 597(1)
to that of Oct. 1289
1291. Diocesan Synod of Bangor 597(1)
1291. Taxation of Nicholas IV. includes 597(1)
Welsh dioceses
1293. Temporalties of S. Asaph, ``sede 598(2)
vacante,'' in the Crown
1293. Licence from the Crown to 600(1)
administer to the goods and chattels of a
deceased Bishop of S. Asaph
1293. Temporalties of S. David's, ``sede 600(1)
vacante,'' in the Crown
1293. Writ to seize the Temporalties of 601(1)
S. Asaph, ``sede vacante,'' into the
King's hand
1293. Confirmation of Bishop-elect of S. 602(1)
Asaph, ``sede Archiep. vacante,'' by
Prior, etc. of Canterbury
1293. Commission of the same for 602(1)
consecration of the same Bishop
1293. Licence to the Priory of Beddgelert 603(1)
to elect a Prior before the Justiciary of
North Wales
1294. Edward I. to (among others) the 604(1)
Welsh Bishops, asking prayers for the
King about to pass over into France
1294. Licence from the Crown to Bishop of 604(1)
S. Asaph to make a Will
1294. Letters of Protection to the Custos 604(1)
of the Spiritualties of Llandaff
1294. Bishops of S. Asaph entitled to 604(2)
goods and chattels of persons dying
intestate within their demesne
1295. Robert of Canterbury to Llywelyn of 606(2)
S. Asaph, to excommunicate Madoc
1295. Commission of Robert of Canterbury 608(1)
to absolve Madoc, etc. upon submission
1295. Llywelyn of S. Asaph to Robert of 609(1)
Canterbury, respecting the said
1295. Bishop of Llandaff appointed by 610(4)
Papal Provision---Custody of its
Temporalties, ``sede vacante,'' in the
Crown (Letters of Archbishop Robert, John
of Monmouth, Edward I.)
1295. Robert of Canterbury to Anian of 614(2)
Bangor, directing Masses, etc. for the
Holy Land, and for the King and kingdom
1295. Collation by Archbishop Robert to a 616(1)
Canonry of Llandaff, ``sede vacante,'' by
Papal authority
1295. Edward I. to Boniface VIII. on 617(1)
behalf of David, elect of S. David's
1295. Temporalties of Llandaff, ``sede 617(3)
vacante,'' in the Crown (Letters of
Edward I., Close Rolls)
[1297. Welsh Bishops (among others) 620(1)
enjoined by Pope and Archbishop to refuse
payment of tax or subsidy to the Crown
1297. Constitutions of Llywelyn of S. 620(1)
1305. Llywelyn of S. Asaph renews the 620(51)
excommunication of Madoc]
Appendix A. Ancient Welsh Liturgies 621(4)
B. Sepulchral Christian Inscriptions in 625(9)
Wales A.D. 700-1100
C. Anomalous Welsh (Ecclesiastical) Laws 634(29)
D. Carmen de Vita et Familia Sulgeni 663(5)
Episc. Menev., Auctore Jeuan filio
E. Independent North-Welsh Bishops 668(3)
during the reign of Owen Glyndwr, A.D.
681---1072. IV. Church of Cornwall During the 671(31)
Saxon Period
705. The Roman Easter, etc. adopted by 673(1)
the Britons subject to Wessex, i. e. by
the ``Wealas'' of Somerset and Devon
833 X 870. Profession of Kenstec Bishop 674(1)
of Dinnurrin in Cornwall to the
Archbishop of Canterbury
875. Dyvnerth or Donierth, Christian King 675(1)
of Cornwall
884. First Organization of a Saxon See 675(1)
out of (now Saxon) Devonshire
891. Three Irish Pilgrims land in Cornwall 675(1)
909. Saxon See of Crediton constituted 676(1)
out of Devon and three parishes in
931. British Cornish Bishop suffragan to 676(1)
941 X 1043. Manumissions at the Altar of 676(7)
S. Petroc
c. 950. First Saxon Bishop of Cornwall 683(1)
981. S. Petroc's-Stowe or Bodmin ravaged 683(1)
by Northmen
994. Charter of Æthelred to Bishop 683(3)
Ealdred, granting liberties to the See of
1018. Charter of Cnut to Bishop Burhwold 686(2)
1026 X 1043. Cornish See merged in that 688(1)
of Crediton
1050 X 1072. Manumissions recorded at 688(3)
Exeter Cathedral
1050. See of Crediton transferred to 691(11)
Exeter (Leofric, Pope Leo IX., Eadward
the Confessor)
Appendix A. Cornish Liturgical Fragments 696(3)
B. Sepulchral Christian Inscriptions in 699(1)
Cornwall A.D. 700-1000
C. Of Legendary Lives of Saints in 700(2)
Cornwall A.D. 700-1000; and of Cornish
D. Place of original Cornish See or Sees 702