Law for Business and Personal Use (15 ANV)

Law for Business and Personal Use (15 ANV)

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Full Description

Law for Business and Personal Use 15E maintains a fundamental emphasis on business law, while introducing personal law topics that interest students. Give your students the most comprehensive coverage of contracts, ethics, employment law, credit, banking, partnerships, bankruptcy, and more.


Chapter 1 Our Laws Chapter 2 Ethics in Our Law Chapter 3 Constitutional Rights Chapter 4 The Court System Chapter 5 Our Criminal Laws Chapter 6 Personal Injury Laws Chapter 7 Offer and Acceptance Chapter 8 Genuine Agreement Chapter 9 Mutual Consideration Chapter 10 Law of Capacity Chapter 11 Legality of Contracts Chapter 12 Written Contracts Chapter 13 Contractual Duties Chapter 14 How Courts Enforce Contracts Chapter 16 Ownership and Risk of Loss in Sales Transactions Chapter 17 Consumer Protection Chapter 18 Legal Considerations in Marriage and Divorce Chapter 19 Property Chapter 20 Bailments Chapter 21 Real Property Chapter 22 Renting Realty Chapter 23 Insuring Your Future Chapter 24 Wills, Estates, And Trusts Chapter 25 Creation of Agency Chapter 26 Operation of Agency Chapter 27 Employment Contracts Chapter 28 Unions Chapter 29 Employment Discrimination Chapter 30 Employee Injuries Chapter 31 Forms of Business Organization Chapter 32 Creating, Running, and Terminating a Corporation Chapter 33 Forms of Organizations for Small Business Chapter 34 Governmental Regulation of Business Chapter 35 Commercial Paper Chapter 36 Negotiability and Negotiation of Commercial Paper Chapter 37 Rights of Holders of Commercial Paper Chapter 38 Secured and Unsecured Credit Obligations Chapter 39 Debtors, Creditors, and Bankruptcy