World History : Comprehensive Volume (4 PCK HAR/)

World History : Comprehensive Volume (4 PCK HAR/)

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Full Description

As a global text, Upshur's WORLD HISTORY examines world civilizations in a comparative context. Students learn to recognize and analyze trends and interconnections across history and civilizations.

Table of Contents

1. Early Civilization in West Asia, Africa, The
Aegean, and the Western Hemisphere
2. The Early Civilization of South and East Asia
3. The Flowering of Great Faiths and
4. The Age of Great Empires
5. Disruption and Renewal in West Asia and
6. Disruption and Renewal in South and East Asia
7. Developing Civilizations
8. Three Continents: Conflict and Commerce
9. Emerging Global Interrelations
10. Asia in the Early Modern Era
11. The West: 1600-1800
12. The Modernization of the Western World
13. The Race for Empire and World War I
14. Twentieth-Century Political and Cultural
15. The Interwar Years, World War II, and the
Cold War
16. Global Conflicts During the Cold War:
17. Life in a Multi-Polar World: The Post-Cold
War Era